Top 10 cannabis strains that make you laugh

Top 10 cannabis strains that make you laugh
Luke Sholl

Not all cannabis strains are created equal. Here's a list of 10 variants that will make you laugh. Indica and sativa, photoperiod and autoflowering, there's a giggly strain out there to suit every grower and smoker.

A cannabis high draws out different reactions from people. Some space out as they float into a different astral plane, others get sexually turned on, and some end up laughing their faces off, almost non-stop.

Everyone enjoys that sudden laughter bug. It’s contagious, brings good vibes, and becomes a source of many memorable moments and conversations.

Whether you end up cry-laughing or in a state of paranoia, the experience will, in part, depend on your strain of choice. In this article, we’ll give you a shortlist of the best strains for inducing the giggles.

Why Does Smoking Weed Make You Laugh?

Before we dive into the meat of the topic, let’s take a look at some studies to answer another important question: Why does smoking weed make you laugh?

Research on Why Cannabis Makes You Laugh

There isn’t a straight answer to this question. For one, the experts themselves have yet to figure out the mechanism behind laughter.

Laughing is a complex form of communication that may induce either positive or negative emotions. But, whether it’s done out of sarcasm or a genuine reaction to humour, laughter is generally perceived positively.

Scientifically, what experts do know is that laughter triggers the release of endorphins, one of the four “happy hormones”.

But, how does cannabis enter the picture? The link comes down to our frontal lobe, a section of the human brain associated with laughter. And, according to research findings, cannabis can potentially stimulate blood flow in this specific region.

Based on this, some researchers have made a connection that cannabis-induced laughter is potentially caused by stimulation of the frontal lobe.

Cannabis is also known as a mood-booster. Research shows that people who use the herb recreationally are generally seeking the euphoric and relaxing effects it brings. And, if you’re more relaxed and happy, you’re more prone to laughter.

Which Cannabis Strain Makes You Laugh More: Indica or Sativa?

Every herb-lover has a general idea of the two primary cannabis strains. Indicas are known for their relaxing, soothing effect, and thus are usually recommended for people who need to sleep or release tension at the end of the day.

Sativas, on the other hand, are known for their stimulating effects, making them generally more suitable for daytime use to encourage energy, focus, and creativity.

However, it’s become clearer in recent years that the indica vs sativa divide is relevant only to morphology (how plants look), not their effects. In fact, apart from the cannabinoid profile, it’s the aromatic terpenes within the buds that are likely responsible for differences in effects between weed strains. Though some sativas are indeed energising and some indicas are relaxing, there’s a lot of variation out there.

So, unfortunately, there is no straight answer to this question either. In that case, we can assume both strain types have the capability to induce laughter.

Based on anecdotal evidence, people tend to lean toward sativa as the strain that induces the most giggles, with some users claiming that indicas make them too relaxed to really engage in humour.

Which Cannabis Strains Make You Laugh the Most?

Now, let’s get to the part you came here for. Here is a list of 10 weed strains that are known to make you chuckle, giggle, and bust out in the hahas.

Laughing Buddha

The name alone is a giveaway. A sativa-dominant strain, Laughing Buddha delivers a powerful head high and some giggles to go along with it. With just the right amount of indica, it also gives off a touch of relaxation and serenity.

If you’re looking for a strain to accompany you through tedious workdays, Laughing Buddha is a good one to start with. Taste-wise, she doesn’t disappoint. Upon those first few hits, you’ll get a mix of sour, sweet, earthy, and spicy flavours on your taste buds.

Laughing buddha

Bubble Cheese

Bubble Cheese is another great option for those seeking a laughing trip. But, given its indica-dominant nature, expect to feel a little more relaxed. It’s the reason this strain is a favourite among those with hectic, busy lives.

If premium flavour is what you seek from your herb, this one really gets the job done. You will taste hints of flowers, mint, and blue cheese after a hit or two. Now, reading that may not sound very delectable, but don’t let that fool you—the flavour combo leaves a nice, eclectic impression in the mouth.


One great thing about certain sativas is that the right amount, from the right strain, can elevate your senses in an instant. That’s one of the best selling points of Zim-Licious.

Upon the first two hits, you’ll immediately feel a sense of euphoria. And do expect to experience some giggles and hearty laughs later on. If you prefer cannabis strains with an earthy, musky flavour, Zim-Licious is a perfect one for you.


If you’re looking for a solid indica that will give you the giggles, StarBud is one of the best choices you can make.

Be forewarned: it can keep you glued to your La-Z-Boy for hours when smoked in higher amounts. If you want to help yourself to some StarBud, be sure you don’t have anything planned afterward. However, it does provide a body high within minutes after those first few tokes. Who doesn’t want that? As a bonus, StarBud leaves a hint of herbal, fresh pine in your mouth.


The name itself alludes to the barrel of laughs you’ll unleash upon smoking this giggly strain. Just one hit from LOL will leave you in a euphoric state as you giggle the night away.

With a THC content of 23%, this giggly strain brings a citrusy, fruity, and honey-sweet taste to make the experience more delectable. If you’re in search of a great social strain to make everything ten times more fun, go with LOL. Just by name alone, you know you won’t be disappointed.

Phantom OG

Those who desire a classic cerebral high from their sativa-dominant smokes are in for a doozy with Phantom OG. A bowl of this cannabis will leave you in a pleasant, uplifted state that you won’t want to dissipate.

The euphoria you get after a couple of hits will place you in the perfect headspace for laughter. This would be the perfect time to bust out your favourite Dave Chappelle stand-up specials and prepare yourself for a few side-splitting hours. Phantom OG comes with a wild berry, citrusy taste and a minty, earthy smell. That, right there, is quite an enticing flavour combo.

Lemon Kush

Any 50-50 indica-sativa hybrid is expected to provide that much-sought-after happy medium between couch-lock and cerebral buzz. That’s exactly what Lemon Kush brings to the table.

After just a few hits, you can expect to feel an enjoyable head high and a relaxed, stoned sensation. But, don’t worry, this one won’t keep your behind glued to the seat. Whether it’s for the biggest music festival in town or Saturday night’s house party down the road, you’ll want this giggle-inducing strain on you. Lemon Kush will leave a sweet, citrus smoke in the air after a toke. What’s not to love?

Berry Ryder Autoflowering

Afraid of an indica weighing you down too much? Don’t be! You simply haven’t tried Berry Ryder Auto yet.

Unlike many other indica-dominant strains out there, this one won’t overwhelm. Expect to feel a strong, pleasant relaxation envelop your body. Along with that distinct feeling of euphoria, you’ll slowly but surely feel the laughs come out of you. Within minutes, you’ll be giggling as if your soul is being tickled. Berry Ryder Auto gives off an incense-like aroma with hints of sweet berries.

Sour Diesel 2

Coming from the previous item, let’s flip the script for this one. With a sativa-dominant background, Sour Diesel 2 is another perfect strain to enjoy with close friends.

This strain has a THC content of up to 20% THC, so, if you’re a beginner, it’s wise to proceed slowly. But, when taken in the right amounts, you’ll start to feel the giggles creep in. Sour Diesel 2 has an interesting flavour combo of wood and lemon. Those with an eclectic palate will surely get a kick out of this one.

American Dream

We’re capping off this list with an indica-dominant favourite among recreational herb consumers. If you want a cannabis strain that packs a strong hit and a pungent aroma, here’s the American Dream.

This one will give you the relaxing body high you’ve always dreamed of. After a few hits, you’ll find yourself chuckling at the most mundane things. And that’s not a bad thing! As for her flavour profile, this one’s on the sweeter side. Along with the jolly, giggly feeling she provides, American Dream should leave a lasting impression.

What To Do When the Cannabis Giggles Stop?

Like with everything in life, all good things must eventually come to an end. At some point, those cannabis giggles will begin to dissipate. What do you do now?

Fret not, dear reader. There are many other ways you can entertain yourself while you still have your buzz. Video games, for one, are a great alternative. We’ve even compiled a list of titles for you to try out while your head’s in the ether.

If you’re with great company, classic board games are always fun. But, if you prefer being in a stationary position as you bask in your stoned state, here’s a TV show suggestion for you: Workaholics. Regardless of what critics say, this one should at least draw out a laugh or two.

Whatever you end up doing while high, be sure to do so safely. Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the ride and have a laugh from time to time!

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