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Last updated: 15 June 2022

Under the guise of privacy, cookies are often demonised. However, we want you to understand the different types of cookies that we use and the purpose for which we use them, because they can improve the quality of your experience on our website. In the end though, the choice to accept cookies is always yours.


Cookies are small text files that certain websites or apps send to your computer during your visit. At CannaConnection we use cookies to improve your stay on our website by remembering your visit, collecting information about your use of our website and by providing you with a more personalised web experience.

For more generalised information about cookies and how to manage them, you can visit However, please do note that we cannot be held responsible for content on any other websites linked to from this site.

Though the use and importance of them varies, we use a number of cookies to find and fix errors and show you relevant content. If you do not allow cookies on your computer, our website, or some features on it, may not function properly. The default setting in most browsers is to enable cookies, but you can see "How you can manage your cookies?" below for more information about how to turn them on if you are having problems.


At CannaConnection, we understand why your privacy is important to you and we strongly believe that we should provide you with a well-functioning website that respects your private details.

We use a number of different cookies for the following purposes:

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are essential to the operation of our website and, for that reason, cannot be switched off. For example, we may use them to remember choices you make and customise content based on the information we hold about you.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies help us to improve our website by allowing us to gather data about your use of our site. For example, they allow us to see how you move around the site and identify what pages you do or do not like.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies provide us with more information about how and why you use our website. They provide a more personalised experience by tailoring the advertising shown to you.


To manage your CannaConnection cookie preferences, you can click this link at any time.

In general, browser cookies are set to expire. Session cookies, for example, tend to be deleted once you close your browser. Permanent cookies have an expiration date written in their code and normally last no longer than 12 months. The cookies used in private or incognito mode are deleted once you close your browser.

Most browsers enable cookies by default. You can set your browser to clear or automatically block them, but the way to do so depends on your device and browser. Here are a number of guides that can help you do so:

Internet Explorer | Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox | Opera | Safari | Microsoft Edge | Samsung Browser


Since some of our cookies help us find and fix errors or display important information, some parts of our website may not function optimally if you disable cookies on our website or your computer.

You're free to change your cookie settings at any time of course. To do so, simply see "How you can manage your cookies?" above.

For more information about how we process your personal information, which we're committed to protect, and what we do with it, please read our Privacy Policy.


In addition to our own cookies, you may notice some cookies that aren't related to CannaConnection. For example, we may also use various third-party cookies to track and report how you use our site, or to deliver advertisements on and through our website. In addition, when you visit pages on our site that contain embedded content, such as YouTube videos or Twitter tweets, or if you share CannaConnection content on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you may receive cookies from these websites. For more information about these cookies or to change their settings you'll have to visit these third-party websites yourself, since we don't have any control over them.

At CannaConnection, we value transparency and strongly believe in providing you with a website that respects your privacy. The information below will help you understand what third-party cookies may collect personal data on our website. We've included links for further information, but please do note that we can't be held responsible for content on any other websites linked to from this site.


Some browsers and mobile devices provide a DNT or ‘Do Not Track’ feature that prevents websites from collecting data about browsing behaviour.

To opt out of performance (tracking) and analytical cookies on our site, you can change your cookie settings under "How you can manage your cookies?" above at any time.

As of yet, no industry wide standard for the handling of DNT requests has been established and we are unable to control the DNT handling of the third parties interacting with our website. We'll continue to review developments of DNT and similar technology and policies, but won't respond to DNT requests at this point in time.


We encourage you to check this page regularly as we may need to update this Cookies Policy from time to time. This might be for a number of reasons, such as a change in the law, an update to our website or a shift in our business practices. You will see a new effective date at the top of this page for any revised version. Major changes that will impact you more directly will be communicated to you more directly of course. We know you expect nothing less from us.


We welcome any questions or feedback that you may have on our Cookies Policy. To contact us, please send your e-mail to .

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