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How To Pass a Marijuana Drug Test

Have a drug test coming up? Don't be caught out by a positive result. Use our tips instead! In this article, we'll provide you with some advice on eliminating THC metabolites from your body before a marijuana drug screening.


How To Clean Trimming Scissors for Cannabis

Cleaning trimming scissors is probably the least fun part of the harvesting process. But this article provides insight on the proper way to take on this task, and the numerous benefits of doing so. Learn how to get your sticky scissors gleaming once again!


CBD and Anti-Ageing: Does It Work?

There have been numerous studies touching upon CBD's anti-ageing potential. In this article, we'll take a deeper dive into what we know so far about the cannabinoid's ability to help us remain youthful.


How To Grow Cannabis With a DWC System

Want to go hydro, but need a hand? We're here to help. We've got instructions on making your own DWC system, and even some recommendations on the most suitable cannabis seeds to get you going. If you've got a little time to spare, a deep water culture system could be just the hobby you need!

Cannabis 101

Top 10 Most Important Cannabinoids in Cannabis

Cannabinoids—the world's full of them! Especially in the cannabis plant. Though they don't all get you high like THC, that's not to say they don't all have interesting, and potentially beneficial, roles to play. Discover the 10 most important cannabinoids in cannabis.


GB Strains—the Pinnacle of GB The Green Brand

GB Strains is the result of a decade of work by growers and breeders at GB the Green Brand. Formerly known as Growbarato, GB brings American strains to Spain.


Mouldy Weed: How To Identify, Avoid, and Treat It

In some cases, mouldy weed can be a bit difficult to identify. This article explains the proper ways to do so to avoid potential health problems. Prevention is easier than you might think!

The Basics

Cannabis Bud Rot: How To Avoid, Identify, and...

Ever heard of cannabis bud rot? If you haven't, or if you're already suffering from the plight, this article provides practical advice on preventing it from happening, as well as rectifying the situation to the best of your ability.


The best insects for your cannabis grow

As the world moves towards more environmentally friendly practices, we all have to do our part. And growing weed is no different. With a little understanding of insects, we can grow organic cannabis, avoiding the use of toxic pesticides. And it makes your bud better too!

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