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Garanimals: A Sweet, Heavy-Hitting Indica Hybrid


Garanimals, also known as Granimals, is a potent hybrid cannabis strain boasting solid genetics and dense, spade-shaped indica buds with enough frosting to make you think they've been lying in the snow for some time. Keep reading to learn all there is to know about the Garanimals strain, its aromas, effects, flavours, and growth traits.

Genetic Background of Garanimals

Garanimals is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Cannarado Genetics, a well-known breeder based in Colorado who is also responsible for creating Sundae Driver, Grape Pie, Lava Cake, and many other popular cultivars. Garanimals stems from a cross of Cannarado's Grape Pie and Animal Cookies, a famous hybrid with murky origins.

Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies is a well-known strain, beloved by smokers for its excellent lineage and potent effects. Also known as Animal Crackers, Animal Cookies stems from a cross of Fire OG and GSC. The result is a potent indica that produces extremely dense popcorn buds loaded with frosty trichomes and dark purple calyxes. Animal Cookies' aroma is sweet and pungent, with sour, earthy undertones, and its effects hit hard and fast, producing a deep, heavy body stone and cerebral stimulation all at once. Unfortunately, the exact origins of Animal Cookies aren't clear, but the strain is commonly attributed to Seed Junky Genetics, BC Bud Depot, and Cookies Fam, who have all offered versions of the strain in the past.

Grape Pie

Grape Pie is another popular Cannarado Strain, created by crossing Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper. A stocky cultivar that's likely indica-dominant, Grape Pie produces flowers with dark calyxes, excellent structure, and deep purple hues reminiscent of ripe grapes. Its aroma is grape and berry dominant with notes of spice and tangy fuel overtones. Its effects are also deep and heavy, producing a relaxing stone best enjoyed after work, a workout, or any other time you want to kick up your feet, unwind, and eventually doze off.

Aroma and Flavour of Garanimals


Garanimals has inherited complex aromas and flavours from both its parents. The most common terpenes in this strain are caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool. However, it may also contain other common cannabis terpenes, such as myrcene. Together, these aromatic compounds combine to produce Garanimal's unique bouquet.

Open a bag or jar of well-cured Garanimal buds, and you'll be hit by an upfront grape sweetness reminiscent of Grape Pie. Break apart the buds by hand or using a grinder, and this overall sweetness intensifies while subtler notes of earthy dough, griddled pie crust, and tart berries and cherries come to the foreground. A trained nose may also pick up hints of spiced tobacco.

Light her up, and Garanimals delivers delicious flavours, too. Inhale her thick smoke or vapour, and your taste buds will be immediately drowned in berry and cherry sweetness, followed by earthy undertones and a spicy, tobacco-like finish. Exhale and you'll enjoy a lingering mix of sweetness and a final earthy kick.

Potency And Effects of Garanimals

On average, Garanimals packs about 20–24% THC and minimal levels of CBD. Its effects are very strong and marked by an initial cerebral stimulus that elevates the mood, immediately putting a smile on your face. Soon after, Garanimal's indica side shines through, producing a creeping body high that'll eventually soothe every muscle in your body.

Depending on your tolerance, Garanimals may leave you mentally active and physically relaxed—ideal for watching movies, chilling with friends, or relaxing at home on weeknights or weekends. Alternatively, Garanimal's deep stone may take over, leaving you in a silly daze before putting you to sleep.

Recreational Uses

Given its combination of mental stimulus and physical relaxation, Garanimals is a great choice for smokers looking for a relaxing experience. Enjoy this strain in the afternoon or evening after you've finished work and lean back into her deeply relaxing spell. Alternatively, light her up with close friends or your special someone and enjoy as Garanimals fosters effortless conversations, giggle fits, and an overall good time. Finally, Garanimals also serves as a great natural nightcap, helping soothe the body, mind, and soul in preparation for a good night's sleep.

Potential Side Effects

Given its potency and strong effects, Garanimals may overwhelm some users with adverse side effects such as:

  • Anxiety and paranoia
  • Cottonmouth and dry eyes
  • Drowsiness and dizzy spells
  • Headaches

Growing Garanimals


Currently, Cannarado isn't selling Garanimals seeds. However, other seed banks have copied this strain's lineage and now sell their versions of it. Meanwhile, some US cannabis nurseries also sell Garanimals clones. Based on the little information available on this strain, Garanimal's is a compact indica strain that grows best indoors, though it can also be grown outside by an experienced hand.

Indoor Growing Tips

There is very little specific grow information on Garanimals available. The strain seems to perform especially well using screen of green (ScrOG) or sea of green (SOG) setups, which help maximise its yields. The strain takes approximately 7–8 weeks to flower and performs best in temperate rooms with plenty of ventilation and low humidity.

Outdoor Growing Tips

Outdoors, Garanimals responds equally well to training. It also performs well in temperature climates and should be protected from heavy rains or high humidity, especially during flowering. Its dense indica flowers may be prone to bud rot and other humidity-related issues.

Should You Try Garanimals?


Garanimals is a potent and relaxing strain. If you're an experienced user with a tolerance and dig the relaxing effects of a good indica, this strain might be your perfect match. If, on the other hand, you're a newcomer to cannabis or prefer strains with more energising effects, this likely isn't the strain for you. If you're a grower and you're in the market for a new indica to grow indoors or outside, Garanimals may also be well worth your time.

Garanimals Cannabis Strain FAQ

Q: Is Garanimals a sativa or indica?
A: Garanimals is a hybrid cannabis strain. While we don't know its exact genetic split, it is said to be indica-dominant.

Q: What does Garanimals taste like?
A: Garanimals has a complex flavour that combines notes of sweet grapes, tart cherries, and berries with earthy cookie undertones and hints of spice.

Q: What is the Garanimals lineage?
A: Garanimals descends from Grape Pie and Animal Cookies.

Q: How much THC does Garanimals have?
A: Garanimals has between 20–24% THC.

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