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Gary Payton
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Gary Payton
Gary Payton
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Gary Payton: All About Balance

Gary Payton

Named after the NBA star, Gary Payton is a hybrid strain resulting from crossbreeding two exceptionally powerful parent varieties. Not only is Gary Payton potent, but it allows you to remain focused and productive, making it a great choice for those who want to enjoy the recreational benefits of cannabis while still being able to carry out daily tasks.

Like its athlete namesake, who was known for his exceptional skills on the court, this strain is also exceptional in its own right, boasting well-balanced effects and a dynamic aroma. Moreover, Gary Payton is relatively easy to grow, making it a great choice for those new to cannabis cultivation.

Genetic Background of Gary Payton: Heavyweight Parentage

Gary Payton is a relatively new strain, and the result of crossing The Y and Snowman. A collaborative effort of Cookies and Powerzzzup Genetics, Gary Payton is not sold commercially. This has led other breeders to repeat the cross and release their own versions, which has resulted in a range of phenotypes.

The Y

The Y is a hybrid cross between Trainwreck and Chemdawg. With its strong citrus scent and high THC content, it's a popular choice among experienced cannabis users.


Snowman is an indica-dominant hybrid of GSC and Snowdawg. Its heavy resin production and sweet, fruity flavour are chiefly responsible for its inclusion in numerous dispensaries.

Aroma and Flavour of Gary Payton: Diesel Explosion

Gary Payton exhibits a unique aroma and flavour profile dominated by strong notes of diesel and herbs that can be quite pungent. Though some sweet-toothed stoners may find it off-putting, for those who appreciate bold, savoury flavours, it can be a very enjoyable experience.

The terpene profile is dominated by:

  • Pinene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene

Potency and Effects of Gary Payton: Clear-Headed Highs

Gary Payton

Gary Payton is capable of producing a THC content of up to 25%, making it one of the more powerful strains on the modern market. Appreciated for its balanced effects, this strain produces a calming physical sensation while simultaneously providing an energising and clear-headed cerebral buzz. This combination of effects makes Gary Payton an ideal strain for a wide range of recreational and holistic applications.

Recreational Uses

Gary Payton is a fantastic option for those looking to avoid feeling lethargic or unproductive after smoking weed. This strain is particularly well-suited for individuals who want to stay alert and focused, but still sufficiently buzzed. In addition, Gary Payton offers a nice period of physical relaxation, which makes it ideal for both daytime and evening use, solo or with friends.

Medical Uses

Gary Payton's predominantly uplifting effects may be of interest to medical cannabis users looking for relief for mood-related issues and stress. That said, its physically relaxing effect may also be exploited by those who want to take the edge off of pain and discomfort.

Side Effects

Although the potential side effects of the Gary Payton strain are ill-reported, commonly reported side effects of similarly potent strains include dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness.

Growing Gary Payton

Gary Payton

Gary Payton can be grown both indoors and outdoors, although it is typically grown indoors. While a lack of quality information makes it hard to say exactly how this strain performs in specific environments, we can make some general claims, including that it is relatively easy to grow.

Indoor Growing Tips

This strain is particularly receptive to training techniques like topping and pruning, which can help to manage its vertical growth. Additionally, it thrives in warm temperatures and prefers humidity levels that are slightly higher than average. Moreover, Gary Payton has a relatively short flowering time of 8–9 weeks, which makes it a great option for growers looking for a fast turnaround. When it comes to yields, growers can expect a harvest of up to 500g/m² in optimal conditions.

Outdoor Growing Tips

When growing Gary Payton outdoors, it is important to consider that the strain thrives in warm, humid climates that mimic its native environment. While there is less information available for growing Gary Payton outdoors compared to indoors, it is generally expected that the plant will grow tall and bushy like a sativa, with large yields of dense, resinous buds. The harvest time for outdoor-grown Gary Payton plants falls around the beginning of October, with yields amounting to around 550g/plant.

Should You Try Gary Payton?

Gary Payton

If you're an experienced cannabis user in the market for a potent strain that will leave you feeling energised and focused, Gary Payton is definitely worth trying. Furthermore, its vigorous and abundant growth make it a good option for growers of all experience levels.

For Growers

Gary Payton is generally known for being easy to grow. While novices should indeed get on well with this strain, experts will be able to push production to the max. Additionally, Gary Payton flowers produce high levels of resin, making the strain an ideal choice for those interested in making concentrates. One of the benefits of growing Gary Payton is that it responds very well to training. This means that growers can manipulate the plant's structure to increase yields or enhance certain characteristics.

For Recreational Users

Given its upbeat effects, this strain can be enjoyed at essentially any time of the day, whether you're looking to smoke alone and watch a movie, work on a creative project, or hang out with friends.

For Medical Users

Gary Payton may be beneficial for medical cannabis users seeking relief without compromising their ability to get on with daily tasks. In addition to its clear-headed and energising effects, it has also been noted for its ability to promote physical relaxation—something many medical cannabis users desire.

Gary Payton Cannabis Strain: A Potent Hybrid That Will Leave You Focused

Gary Payton stands out among other strains due to its well-balanced effects and unique flavour profile. The strain's high potency have made it a popular choice among both recreational and medical cannabis enthusiasts. And as the cherry on top, it’s easy to grow and responsive to grower intervention!

Gary Payton Cannabis Strain: FAQ

Q: What is Gary Payton?
A: Named after the NBA player, Gary Payton is a hybrid cannabis cross between The Y and Snowman.

Q: What are the effects of Gary Payton?
A: Gary Payton is reported to leave users feeling happy, euphoric, and energised, while also relaxing the body.

Q: What are the flavours of Gary Payton?
A: Gary Payton has an interesting flavour led by notes of diesel and herbs. It is quite pungent!

Q: How do I grow Gary Payton?
A: Gary Payton can be grown both indoors and outdoors, where it responds well to training and produces above-average yields.

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