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Afghani 1 (Sensi Seeds)
Afghani 1 (Sensi Seeds)
Afghani (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Afghani (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
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Afghani 1 (Sensi Seeds)
Afghani (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Indica (90-100%)
Landrace from Afghanistan
Smell & flavour

Afghani: often called 'Afghani 1' or just 'Afghan'

Afghani is more than just old school, it’s positively prehistoric weed, perhaps as ancient as the Hindu Kush mountains themselves, which straddle the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan and from where this strain originates.

Stoner lore has it, that the precious landrace Afghani cannabis genetics were smuggled out of the region in the 1970’s prior to the Soviet invasion.

Once in the hands of European and US growers, the strain was refined and would soon become the world’s first truly global cannabis strain and a legend.

For centuries the ganja farmers of the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent have produced the finest hashish from Kush crops. The modern stabilised Afghani is not just a “hash plant”, it is connoisseur indica weed.

Classic Cannabis indica like the Afghani is resurging in popularity, as it is highly potent sinsemilla and of course because it has tremendous potential for extracts due to its gooey layer of resin.


The pungent aroma of Afghani is in sharp contrast to the sweet floral and fruity scents of modern cannabis strains. Afghani smells rich, earthy and very hash-like. Buds are dense with orange hairs and incredibly resinous. After a decent time to cure, hints of pine and citrus notes can burst out.

When you toke Afghani, you will definitely know it, novices will almost certainly cough until they acquire a taste for vintage cannabis stock like this. Both flavour and effects are far from subtle. The taste of Afghani is full-bodied, woody and reminiscent of the black hash, that is often derived from the flowers. Some may find Afghani too harsh, but if you give it a chance like coffee you’ll grow to love it.

Afghani is heirloom heavy indica with no sativa lineage, so it is definitely a nighttime smoke rather than an energetic uplifting daytime smoke. Couchlock after smoking this weed should be taken as a given. The deep body stone and the long lasting high of Afghani are not to be underestimated; this oldtimer still packs a knockout punch. THC levels of the best specimens can reach 20%+.

Medicinal cannabis users have long been fans of this strain, as Afghani offers a most effective pain relief and helps treating a variety of illness from insomnia to chronic pain. Also following an Afghani session, medicinal and recreational users report serious appetite stimulation and major munchies respectively.


Afghani is a fantastic strain for beginner growers, grandmasters and everyone in between. Even when grown from seed, plants will be incredibly uniform, as if the crop was born from cuttings. Indoors, Afghani is the perfect SOG strain.

Short, branchy, and low maintenance; it’s hard to go wrong with such genetics in the grow op. Fertiliser requirements are minimal and most growers find Afghani to be a genuine treat in the grow tent.

Rapid flowering and an excellent flower to leaf ratios allows for generous yields in just 7-8 week of flowering. Whatever your preferred indoor cultivation style, from organic purists to hydroponics and even advanced aeroponics setups, the Afghani never fails to reward the grower.

Outdoors, Afghani can be cropped with ease across Southern Europe and is especially suited to the Mediterranean climates of Southern Spain and Italy. Furthermore, this strain is very hardy and mold resistant, so it can also be successfully cropped further north during a good summer.

Indoors, the Afghani is usually harvested at no more than 1m tall, with SOG yields up to 500g/m², while outdoors two or three well cultivated thick bushes up to 2m tall can deliver a comparable yield.


Afghani is the prized breeding stock of virtually every major seed bank these days. The number of award-winning hybrids and crosses, that have been derived from these ancient genetics are far too great to mention here.

It suffices to say, that no matter where you stop for a spliff on your travels in this world, from a wilderness dispensary in Alaska to a sophisticated Barcelona cannabis club, Afghani influence will be present.

Grow your own Afghani

Grow difficulty
Flowering type
Flowering time
7-8 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor)
End of September/October
Yield (indoor)
Yield (outdoor)
Height (indoor)
Height (outdoor)

Afghani genetics are present in the following strains:

By Smith May 6-2021
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By Jon Jul 18-2023
This is a great legacy strain to grow and smoke! I have many yrs experience growing this awesome Indica I believe to be 100%. Originally grown in the Afghan mountains also known as the Kush mountains and or Hindu mountains. Mostly processed and exported as hash (pressed after dried and ground) through Morocco ports. Now you can grow it yourself and smoke the flowers which is a total couch potato and every muscle is relaxed experience Very hearty grower in any climate and disease free. This plant deserves a place in your grow! So many strains has this plant in it! You should grow this legacy indica you will not be disappointed! Afghan1 or Afgahni also known as hash plant. Smells like hash and sticky to the touch when it’s growing Amnesia has Afghani in it and that is a great strain with about a 50/50 ratio which I have grown for years as well too! I’m working with a little AMG which again has Amnesia in it and like I said Afghani is in Amnesia. Everybody races to make their own strains, now you have scientists in the game as well but sometimes the legacies can’t be beat. Afghani is one that can stand on its own without being crossed.