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White Dragon
White Dragon
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White Dragon
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Spannabis Champions Cup 2012 - Resin category
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White Dragon: 100% Indica with Stellar Genetics

White Dragon

A pure indica that stems from elite genetics, White Dragon is a cannabis variety offering good results in the grow room and powerful effects when smoked. It took home the award for most resinous strain during the 2012 Spannabis fair, which is a credit to its dense, sticky flowers.

White Dragon can sit proudly among the classics as it contains genetic influences of the backbones of modern cannabis strains. It can be grown in any environment, suiting both indoor and outdoor growers with ease. Learn more about this sought-after plant below.

Genetic Background of White Dragon

The breeders of White Dragon aimed high and did not take any chances during their project, choosing highly respected and prized parent strains. Northern Lights and Afghani indica gave life to this versatile specimen, passing on plenty of desirable features and an indica genotype.

Northern Lights

Cherished the world over, Northern Lights is an award-winning indica strain that has been on the cannabis scene since the '80s. Appreciated for the quick lifecycle, compact size and rewarding results in the grow room, no wonder its genetics are part of many modern cannabis varieties. In terms of aromas and flavours, this plant offers a mix of earthy and pine notes with a sweet background that has become the synonym of quality weed. Northern Lights is also loved for its relaxing and uplifting effects that offer a soothing balance to mind and body.


This indica variety is a landrace from Afghanistan and also breeders' favourite. It's got a rich and long history, with plenty of formidable strains carrying its genetics. Afghani is quite pungent, with spicy, earthy influences that are very noticeable in White Dragon. Low maintenance and compact in the grow room, Afghani is suitable for growers of all experience levels.

Aroma and Flavour of White Dragon

White Dragon

The rich genetic background of White Dragon means that the terpenes of the final product are sure to please even the fussiest cannabis connoisseurs. The vintage aroma of superb hash is hard to beat and this variety has bags of it. The aroma is reminiscent of a good Kush, mixing woody, earthy and spicy notes. It's also got bursts of lemon for a refreshing vibe in the otherwise heavier fragrance. The flavours match the aroma, bringing to mind the finest Afghan hashish.

Potency and Effects of White Dragon

With its indica background, users can expect White Dragon to be the ideal evening strain. Cured and dried flowers contain 19–21% THC, a good amount that can create pronounced effects. Overall, it’s a relaxing and soothing variety, great for times when you need to wind down and put your feet up.

Recreational Uses

Those who toke for pleasure will find the perfect night-time companion in White Dragon. After a long, stressful day, a joint with these flowers is sure to ease the tension and help you forget all the hardships. Armed with snacks and a soothing drink, you will be able to enjoy a pleasant break, be it with a good book or a movie. Make sure you've got nothing important on your agenda, as you might just peacefully doze off.

Medical Uses

White Dragon is an excellent choice for medical cannabis users, producing long-lasting feelings of comfort and relaxation. It can help you get to sleep when you are having trouble getting enough shut-eye, but it can also be good at increasing appetite. Great at fighting stress and anxiety, this indica variety will please those to turn to marijuana for some much-needed help.

Potential Side Effects

Besides the rather common dry eyes, this strain could potentially make users slightly dizzy in higher doses. It has also been reported that it may provoke feelings of paranoia, so it's best to enjoy White Dragon slowly and in moderation.

Growing White Dragon

White Dragon

Versatility is arguably one of the most appealing traits of this plant. This means that it adapts well to both indoor and outdoor setups, as well as a variety of media, such as plain soil or coco fibre, and even hydroponics.

Growers also enjoy the quick flowering phase of White Dragon and its robust morphology. This variety tends to develop strong stems and branches, with few leaves and compact, highly resinous flowers. Try all kinds of pruning, SOG or ScrOG, and you'll find receptive plants, eager to reach their potential.

Indoor Growing Tips

White Dragon is great for indoor growing as it easily fits in tight spaces. It’s recommended to switch plants to flowering when they reach 40–60cm, which means that they will ultimately reach a maximum of 100cm. Growers can fit 9 plants in one m², provided they are in pots of 7l and they should remember that these specimens are great for training.

After buds are dried and cured, this variety can provide yields in the region of 300–600g/m², depending on the conditions and environment.

Outdoor Growing Tips

On the other hand, outdoor plants that are given plenty of light and space can peak at 200cm and become wide, not to mention full of resinous flowers. Yields can vary depending on conditions, but anything between 500g to 1000g is what growers can count on once harvest time comes around. Sow your seeds from April to June and prepare for harvest in the first half of October.

Should You Try White Dragon

White Dragon

White Dragon is an attractive hybrid. It has the potential to hit the spot for both recreational indica lovers and those who need the medicinal influences of the plant.

It's got an exquisite, vintage terpene profile, great potency and powerful, long-lasting effects that are relaxing and soothing. Great weekend or evening strain, White Dragon helps users unwind after a hectic day.

It's also great in the grow room, producing adaptable plants and lots of sticky flowers that will please any cultivator.

White Dragon Cannabis Strain FAQ

Q: What is White Dragon?
A: White Dragon is an indica cannabis variety made by crossing Northern Lights and Afghani.

Q: What are the effects of White Dragon?
A: This strain is relaxing and soothing, with long-lasting and potent effects. Ideal for a quiet evening or weekend.

Q: What's the flavour profile of White Dragon?
A: These flowers are a real treat, with their earthy, spicy and woody notes and a dash of lemon.

Q: How can I grow White Dragon?
A: There are plenty of options as this plant is versatile and can be grown in any environment or setup.

Grow your own White Dragon

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7 weeks
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End of September/October
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