Growing cannabis with aeroponics

Growing cannabis with aeroponics
Miguel Antonio Ordoñez

Aeroponics are the future of growing cannabis! The yields are heavy and the quality is dank. Click here to check out what the fuss is all about.

Growing cannabis in aeroponic systems can produce solid and healthy plants. There are various ways of growing marijuana these days. Dozens of hydro systems with different functionalities, different soil mixtures etc. But what are the aeroponics systems all about? Let’s dive straight in.

Aeroponic systems are similar to hydro systems, which are based around soilless mediums. Although, in aeroponics, the roots receive water through vapor, or tiny droplets, instead of being immersed in water. The nutrient-rich water is sprayed directly on the roots, which allows the entire root system to receive its necessities.


There are many aeroponic systems to choose from. The high-quality aeroponics will have two reservoirs, one for spraying the nutrient-rich water onto the roots and one for the excess water. This allows fresh water to be sprayed onto the roots, which provides a higher level of control.

High-quality aeroponics includes high-pressure pumps and special spray nozzles, which together, create a fog, with droplets not visible to the naked eye. These pumps will create droplets smaller than 50 microns. This allows a wider area of microbes to receive their necessities, which equals with higher yields.

High-class aeroponics will be comprised of a solid design and materials, which allow the roots to get an equal amount of water. Also, a solid design doesn’t allow water to escape from the sides os the basin. This would waste water and nutrients, and raise the humidity levels of the grow room.


The lower quality aeroponics, or DIY aeroponics, will usually spray slightly larger droplets on the roots. Also, they don't have a well-established separation system between the reservoirs. Usually, water will derive from one reservoir, which presents certain problems. The nutrients pH levels might not be balanced, and it’s difficult to have control over what goes on the roots.

If there’s no separation between the root area and water area, the roots might grow into the mechanics of aeroponics systems, disabling its functioning.


Before getting your aeroponics system to grow high-quality ganja, consider the following. Aeroponics systems are usually recommended for professional growers with solid cannabis growing experience. It's because things can go wrong, very fast. If there is a power outage and the roots don’t receive water, the roots will dry relatively fast. Overnight, the entire root system can die. Therefore it's imperative to have the system running 24/7 and having stored power, in cases of emergency.

Having a solid timer system and stable wiring, allows the spray timer to be perfectly synchronized, preventing any undesired irregularities.

The vapor, should not be sprayed 24/7, a timer should be set for every couple of seconds. This allows the roots to gets heaps of oxygen, which they absolutely love. That's the great advantage of aeroponics, the roots receive a maximum amount of oxygen possible.

The reservoirs should not be see-through. The light shouldn't penetrate the basin, because algae can develop, which can block the spray nozzles.

The temperature for the roots should not exceed 23°C. The perfect root temperature lays around 18-20°C. Maintain appropriate water temperatures. You can always purchase a water cooler, which is quite expensive. Although, if you consider the massive yields that aeroponics system can provide, it might be worth it.

Make sure to have ultimate room temperatures. LED or CFL lights are recommended for aeroponics. HPS lights will work fine, as long as the heat is under control.

If it’s hot in the room, and you worry about water temperatures, white colored basins will reflect the lights from the outside, making the water slightly cooler.

The following is of imperative importance. Cannabis plants grown in aeroponics systems become gargantuan! Since the roots are not stabilized by any medium, make sure to have a good cannabis support system. ScrOG methods are the best way to go.

Cannabis grown in aeroponics are very sensitive to pH levels. Therefore, you must have professional meters to measure exactly what’s being sprayed on the roots.


Aeroponics are perfect if you wish to step up your cannabis operations. You must do your research and have control over your growth. Try it out! The yields become enormous and the plants grow faster than hydro plants, if everything is in check. Good luck!

Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
Miguel Antonio Ordoñez

Miguel Ordoñez is a long-time writer by trade. Utilizing his AB Mass Media and Communications degree, he has 13 years of experience and counting. He’s covered a wide array of topics, with passion lying in combat sports, mental health, and of course, cannabis.