5 tips to avoid and get rid of the munchies when you're high

5 tips to avoid and get rid of the munchies when you're high
Max Sargent

Getting the munchies can be incredibly annoying and frustrating. However, there are numerous tips and tricks that you can use to beat the munchies!

Many people love getting high, but hate getting the munchies. Not only can they be annoying or inconvenient, but they can also lead you to eat WAY too much food because everything seems so damn tasty!

Giving in to the munchies can leave you feeling full, bloated, and full of regret. While munchies can affect everyone, they can be particularly troublesome for those looking to cut back on calories. If you are trying to restrict your caloric intake, keep reading to find out how you can avoid the munchies next time you get high.


The easiest way to avoid the munchies is to be mindful of which strain you are smoking. Indica strains have developed a notorious reputation for stimulating appetite. Some strains will simply make you want to eat. This is especially true of pure indicas. In general, the more indica effects a strain exhibits, the hungrier it can make you.

However, strains that are high in either THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) or CBD (cannabidiol), are actually known to suppress appetite.

At a molecular level, THCV is very similar to THC, however, it produces very different effects. Unlike THC, THCV suppresses appetite instead of stimulating it. Moreover, it tends to lessen anxiety, instead of heightening it. However, most strains only contain small amounts of THCV and, as such, it may be hard to experience any kind of appetite suppressing effects from them. Strains that are higher in THCV are typically African landrace sativas such as Durban Poison but also Jack The Ripper and Girl Scout Cookies are high in THCV.

When consumed in small quantities, CBD has been clinically proven to suppress appetite.[1] However, CBD does not get you ‘high’ or produce any kind of mind-altering effects. As such, a strain that has a higher level of CBD (but also THC) is good, but a CBD-only strain may not be the perfect solution to avoid the munchies as you might still want to get high.


One of the easiest ways to beat the munchies is by drinking lots of water and staying hydrated.

The human body has a tendency to mistake thirst for hunger. Many times when you feel like you have the munchies, chances are, you are probably just really thirsty. This effect is amplified by the fact that marijuana is known to make you thirsty (‘cotton mouth’). Next time you find yourself about to regrettably munch out, try drinking a glass of water instead. It may just satisfy you enough to knock out those munchies!

Regardless of how often you get the munchies, drinking lots of water when smoking marijuana is always a good idea as weed can also dehydrate you in the long-run. Regular or heavy cannabis users are especially encouraged to regularly consume water. Neglecting to do so could leave you suffering from dehydration headaches and muscle cramps.

While other liquids may work to keep you hydrated, water is still the best choice. Your favorite soda or pop may be tempting to drink while high, but it will come with a steep caloric price tag!



Prepare to fail! Everyone does eventually!

Having healthy food options on hand can help to limit the damage done by the munchies. Low-calorie vegetables like celery and carrots are great for snacking on during your high. Vegetables and fruits can fill you up quickly without loading you up on calories. If you’re going to fail, you might as well try not to fail too hard!

Paying careful attention to portion size can also help you to limit the damage done by the munchies. Limiting your mistakes to small slipups is no big deal.


Another way to avoid the munchies is by removing all temptations from your environment. Junk foods and comfort foods are usually the first targets of the munchies. Removing these types of foods from your home can keep you from munching out on them. Oftentimes, just the sight of comfort foods is enough to set off the munchies.

Moreover, avoiding these foods in general may help to decrease your desire to munch on them when you are high. Go for a walk in nature! Being in a place where there simply is nothing available will make things a lot easier.


An excellent way to get rid of the munchies is to simply take your mind off of them. Keeping yourself busy with activities that do not remind you of food can distract you from the munchies. Letting your mind wander will inevitably result in feelings of hunger.

You should also try to train your brain to think about something else whenever the munchies do occur. Being able to quickly change gears and become engaged with an activity will distract you for long enough to forget all about the munchies.

Any kind of indoor or outdoor activity can work, however, more and more people are actually enjoying exercising while high. Ever thought of picking up yoga or going to the gym while high? Believe us, it's great!


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Max Sargent
Max Sargent

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