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Blucifer: Stunning Flowers With Sensational Bag Appeal


Now you can have your something blue and smoke it too, thanks to the aromatic and stunning Blucifer. This cannabis variety catches the eye as soon as you open your stash jar or bag, as it features amazing colours of blue and purple. It's also mouth-wateringly delicious with its blueberry and cream aroma that becomes obvious even before you light the flowers up. Versatile and vigorous, Blucifer plants can be grown in almost any environment.

Genetic Background of Blucifer

Blucifer is a fairly new strain; its roots can be dated back to 2013 when it was created by crossing Conspiracy Kush and Blue Dream. These formidable genetics resulted in a progeny with a 70% sativa dominance, which is noticeable during both the growing process and when toking. Originally bred by Terraform Genetics, Blucifer has strong, reliable genetics.

Conspiracy Kush

A descendant of Obama Kush and Space Queen, Conspiracy Kush is all about zingy citrus with spicy, peppery undertones. However, pungent fragrance is not the only interesting trait that this strain has. Conspiracy Kush is a sativa-dominant variety, with 70% indica and 30% sativa breakdown, and it's known for its initial cerebral buzz and full-body relaxation. Plants put on a colourful show towards the end of their lifecycle, sporting varying degrees of purple and pink. They waste no time during flowering, usually being ready for the shears after 55–60 days of maturing their aromatic flowers.

Blue Dream

Originating from California, the sativa-dominant Blue Dream has legendary parentage. Its parent strains are the famous Blueberry and Haze, and both of them were generous with the genes they passed on. Blue Dream features 18% THC and a small percentage of CBD, producing balanced effects, stimulating the mind and relaxing the body from head to toe. The aromas produced by these flowers are dripping with sweet berries, making for moreish, fruity sessions. Plants are tall and they promise good yields when reared in optimal conditions, with dense flowers and glistening trichomes.

Aroma and Flavour of Blucifer


Those who take their time to cure Blucifer properly are in for a delicious adventure. The flowers are high in caryophyllene, pinene and myrcene, and these aromatic particles come together creating an intense aroma. You can detect blueberries, but there are other nuances in the mix, such as spices and herbs. When you grind your bud, the herbal aroma becomes more prominent and it can be reminiscent of medicine. Skunky notes also get more powerful and noticeable. On the inhale, the smoke is smooth, and on the exhale, you will notice fruit and a blend of sweet and sour.

Potency and Effects of Blucifer

Blucifier clocks in at 20% of THC and it can provide a highly pleasant experience. The cerebral buzz is felt almost instantly, and users are uplifted, happy and energised. A newfound focus or extra creativity could also appear, making you alert and ready to take on any task. Overall, a very sativa-like high that's positive and not overwhelming. The indica side also makes its presence known after the initial energy wears off. Expect to feel relaxed and mellow, in the mood for kicking up your feet and forgetting about any worries.

Recreational Uses

You can light these flowers up when you're looking for energy and motivation to help you tick things off your to-do list. You will feel that you can solve any problem or come up with new and creative ideas. As such, Blucifer can be treated as a strain that will not glue you to the sofa or make you want to do nothing all day.

On the contrary, you may find yourself eager to complete even complex tasks. The mood-lifting abilities are great when socialising too, so perhaps consider sharing your bud with friends to have a good time together. Share some jokes or spark interesting conversations while enjoying Bluicifer. Bear in mind that the initial buzz will taper off into mind and body bliss, suitable for relaxing and taking things easy, which might be exactly what you’re in the mood for after burning some of your energy.

Potential Side Effects

Blucifer produces pronounced effects, but its phytochemicals don’t overwhelm tokers. The high is noticeable, but not too intense, keeping things pleasant and casual. You might feel hungrier than usual or that your eyes are red and itchy, but that's probably all the inconvenience you can experience when you enjoy Blucifer sensibly. But of course, paranoia and anxiety are always possibilities too.

Growing Blucifer


This variety can thrive both indoors and outdoors and it has the potential to provide good yields when harvest time rolls around. Ideally, growers should have some previous experience cultivating cannabis as this project requires you to be more hands-on to be able to control the size of your plants. Otherwise, Blucifer is not difficult to grow and if you know how to treat it well, you will be satisfied with the results.

Indoor Growing Tips

The sativa-dominant genetics become quite visible early on as Blucifer plants tend to stretch considerably. It's recommended to top them early on to control their height. They also respond well to other LST methods and ScrOG, which besides managing vertical growth, can also improve yields. This variety will take approximately 55–60 days to complete its flowering phase, which means that it's fairly quick if you compare it to other sativa-dominant varieties. Once it's time to cut the flowers off, you are looking at 350–450g/m².

Outdoor Growing Tips

Blucifer prefers a warm, Mediterranean climate, but it can adapt to cooler environments with less sunlight. Plants enjoy a bit of a breeze that can strengthen their stems, but make sure that you shelter them if the conditions get too rough. Usually, plants are ready to yield at the end of October and they can provide as much as 450g/plant once they're dried and cured.

Should you try Blucifer


This variety has a lot going for it, with its delicious aromas and plenty of bag appeal. As soon as you open the stash jar, you will be seduced by the sweet aromas of blueberries and the inviting look of the flowers. The multifaceted high is also an excellent feature, offering the best of both worlds and a sativa/indica experience. When it comes to growing Blucifer, if you put extra effort into training, the yields will be worth it. So if you have the opportunity to grow or take a toke this bud, you should probably give it a go.

Blucifer Cannabis Strain FAQ

Q: What is Blucifer?
A: Created by crossing Conspiracy Kush and Blue Dream, Blucifer is a cannabis hybrid that's 70% indica and 30% sativa.

Q: What are the aromas of Blucifer?
A: Blucifer is very fruity, with blueberry usually being more prominent. Other detectable aromas are those of pepper and spices. The bouquet is rather pungent, with skunky undertones.

Q: What are the effects of Blucifer?
A: It all starts with a cerebral buzz and uplifting energy, to later become more mellow and fully relaxing.

Q: How do I grow Blucifer?
A: This plant can be cultivated in indoor or outdoor environments with equal success. Its tall stature means that it benefits from LST and other training methods that can help manage its height.

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Grow difficulty
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8-9 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor)
End of October
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