Workaholics: stoner tv show review

Miguel Antonio Ordoñez

Workaholics is probably one of the funniest TV series ever, especially tailored for anyone who likes watching silly but smart stuff while blazing on the couch.

Starring: Blake AndersonAdam Devine and Anders Holm
Created by: Blake AndersonAdam Devine, Anders Holm, Kyle Newacheck, Dominic Russo and Connor Pritchard
Network: Comedy Central
Run Time: 2011-2017

Workaholics: stoner tv show review

Workaholics follows the adventures of these three bro’s, and anything that the world throws at them.

Workaholics is a hilarious, if not sometimes even epic TV series. It first aired in 2011 with the episode “Piss N’ Shit,” where the main characters Adam DeMamp, Anders Holmvik, and Blake Henderson try to pass a drug test by purchasing clean piss from minors in exchange for ninja stars and fireworks.

This basically sets the standard for each following episode.


Workaholics Comedy Central

There’s too much of the good stuff to include in this review, but we’ll try to summarize. And probably the best way is to describe the 3 dudes who play the main characters.

Adam DeMamp, with his constant need for attention, has the most outrageous character and is definitely a true visionary. He’s always up for taking more shrooms, predicts prophecies that began "like a thousand years before the dinosaurs," and his answer to just about anything is “let’s smoke weed about it.”

Blake Henderson is actually a really sweet guy (with a bit of a micro-dick complex), but always tries to act tough. Blake’s long, curly hair harnesses the hippie power which he exudes into the world with his marijuana-infused endeavors.

Anders tries to keep it professional, acts as if he is a little wiser and older than his roommates and tends to be a bit bossy, but when he drinks a lot, he turns into a Norwegian beast, a.k.a. "The Ders."

Anders is played by Anders Holm, known for roles in such movies as "the Interview" and "The Intern" and for writing the screenplay for "Game Over, Man!", a hilarious movie from 2018 featuring our same 3 heroes.

Out of all the hilarious side-characters, Kyle takes the trophy. He may smell like water trash, have “Rape” written on his van (to scare off the weirdos), throw tear gas at his failed wedding, however, he definitely brings all the desired drugs for the guys, including Mexican steroids. Kyle is played by Kyle Newacheck, co-creator of the series and also known for directing “Game Over, Man!”.

This series is definitely one of the best stoner shows in the history of mankind. All the common themes involving drugs, crazy situations, and humor that only weed connoisseurs can truly appreciate make this series a great choice to "shmurk-a-beowl" to.


The first three seasons are absolutely amazing, scene after scene, something spectacular occurs. However, after the third season, the series started to get quite redundant and a bit slack-ish. There are some amazing parts there, but it’s almost like the guys already tasted success and didn’t feel like they needed to deliver in the same way they used to.


If you're a weed-lover like us, this series is definitely a must-watch for you and your homies. Begin with the first season and work your way up. You’ll encounter drugs, lasers, Gillian, and of course, Waymond, who never says anything but stands as the foundation of TelAmeriCorp were the Workaholics guys "work."

To conclude, just like Adam DeMamp declared before his fake suicide attempt, “Take it sleazy, and i’m out.”

By the way, check out this great video of Adam, Blake and Anders getting high with Doug Benson.

Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
Miguel Antonio Ordoñez

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