Berry Ryder Autoflowering

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Berry Ryder (Auto Seeds)
Berry Ryder (Auto Seeds)
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Berry Ryder (Auto Seeds)
Indica-dominant autoflowering
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Berry Ryder Auto: Cross between the award-winning Blueberry and Auto #1

Berry Ryder Automatic is an autoflowering cannabis strain and an original cross between the award-winning Blueberry and Auto #1.

This indica dominant auto produces very clear-cut indica effects; think strong relaxation, a long-lasting physical buzz, and a powerful sense of euphoria. Within a few minutes, users are typically left giggly, happy, and maybe even slightly hungry. However, the strain isn’t overwhelming, meaning it won’t usually leave people lethargic or couchlocked unless enjoyed in large quantities.

The effects of Berry Ryder Automatic aren’t just ideal for recreational use, however. Medical patients may find this strain useful for dealing with physical symptoms like pain or inflammation. The deep physical relaxation will also help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress, while the euphoria may help patients with depression. Apart from that, Berry Ryder Auto also makes for a great sleep aid and natural appetite stimulant.

The smells and flavours of Berry Ryder Auto are very reminiscent of the original Blueberry; think strong berry aromas complete with sweet, yet almost spicy undertones that remind you of incense. The flavour is generally sweet and reminiscent of berries or other fruit, but some users may also detect subtle woody flavours as well.

Berry Ryder Auto is a great strain for both indoors growers and outdoor gardeners looking to avoid any unnecessary attention. These plants stay short, generally reaching heights of about 60cm and grow like typical indicas; short and bushy. Yields are very good given the size of the plant. Best of all, Berry Ryder Auto is ready for harvest in just 60 to 65 days. By this time, these plants will be heavy with a nice, big batch of beautiful buds.

The resulting buds are thick and dense, typical of a great indica, with a pungent aroma and great flavours. They also boast a thick layer of trichomes. Berry Ryder Auto, like Blueberry, is a very resinous strain, which shows once you get your hands on a fresh batch of nuggets.

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