11 tips for the best wake 'n' bake

11 tips for the best wake 'n' bake

Plan to wake and bake and stay at home all day? Or do you just want a little buzz to start the day? What is the best way to wake and bake?

Many of us cannabis lovers have specific routines and rituals. One of them is indulging in an infamous wake 'n' bake ritual. Not to be confused with any kind of bake-off show or Saturday morning cooking program, wake 'n' bake is something that can seriously bring a smile to any real weed-lover’s morning.

While some people catch a buzz in the first 10 minutes of the day just to make their upcoming miserable working day a little more bearable, some see it as a chance to clear the mind, cleanse the soul, and have some “me time.” This isn't just any normal me time though, this is deep in the cosmos, soul-searching me time. Intrigued?


Wake 'n' bake, like the name suggests, is the act of enjoying cannabis first thing in the morning, setting the standard for the day and positioning your mind and soul; a focus on doing nothing but enjoying your favorite box-set or playlist and some weed, or actually setting a certain mood for some focus and energetic creativity, depending on the strain you plan to enjoy.

Some people claim that the reason they enjoy waking and baking that much is that because their brain if not yet fully functioning in the morning, the effects of cannabis hit you harder and can keep your buzz going throughout the rest of the day.

According to the Global Drug Survey from 2017, about 21,9% of cannabis users in the United States actually use cannabis first thing in the morning.[1] The explanation for this might be that in a world that goes at a hundred miles an hour, people often cry out for a much needed respite or focus. The right amount of weed in the morning might for some people actually provide that.

Before you go plowing into all seven seasons of Game of Thrones, knocking back as many joints as you can within the first few episodes, there are some essential tips to getting the most out of your wake ’n’ bake session.



Making sure you smoke the right strain for the day you have planned might make things easier as well. You probably would be better of with a sativa than an indica, and might want a strain that is not too strong if you are planning to work or engage in other social activities.

While indica strains are very pleasant, you might want to smoke that strong indica in the night or when you are planning to lay on the couch or stay around the house all day.

Sativa-dominant strains will provide you with a more focused and creative high. They will give you extra energy and make you feel more uplifted than an indica. Try Chocolate Haze or a Diesel, two perfect examples of a good daytime smoke if you don’t abuse them.

It can also be good to pick a good CBD dominant strain that have a higher dose of CBD and less of the psychoactive THC, as you might not want to get too stoned.

Instead of hitting that heavy bong, you could also consider making edibles. Consuming cannabis in well dosed edibles is a good way to keep your buzz going throughout the day, and it can also make for a good breakfast. Canna pancakes anyone?


If you have a plan for a waking and baking session that might involve in a whole day of baking, take a fat marker and clear your agenda.

Lunch with the in-laws? Cancel it. Planned to mow the lawn? Might be a nice meditative thing to do, but if you are planning to smoke some heavy indica, cancel that too. In fact, you might want to clear your schedule of any predetermined engagements.

Unless they are plan to bring you more weed, it is good to make up an excuse and let your friends and family somehow know that you won’t be at home that day.

Basically try to avoid the stress of being several joints deep before realizing you promised to feed a friend’s pet and take you mom’s ladies-club to the museum in you van that Sunday. The ultimate goal is a clear 12-hour time period, or even a 24-hour period.


Preparing wake ’n’ bake session before is a smart way to go. With a clear focus on removing as much stress as possible, you want all areas of your house or flat to be ready for your relaxation.

By this we mean, make the bed, fluff the pillows, or even clean your bedsheets or put an extra cover or quilt on the sofa, as you want to be able to move from one feeling of bliss to another.

You don’t want to be busy operating a washing machine or do the dishes and vacuum clean the house when you're high.


Another detail of the perfect way to prepare for waking and baking is going to be your clothing choice.

If you plan to go heavy on relaxation, than strictly nothing tight fitting or flattering seems to be the best rule of thumb. Enjoying a wake 'n' bake is than supposed to about you enjoying just that.

Oversized hoodies or anything that you feel supremely comfortable in is the best way to go.

If you plan to still go to work and just have this nice little extra buzz without people noticing, than the opposite is true. Wear something that somebody who is stoned typically would not wear. Put on that suit and shine your shoes. Looking sharp is never a bad thing and will throw anybody off.



Considered the meal of champions for good reason, a hearty breakfast prepares your body for the day and provides a base for any amounts of cannabis you might plan to consume. Above all else, a good breakfast just helps to set the tone for the day.

The key here is indulgence, only the most decadent choices will do. Just make sure you follow similar steps to being comfortable and prepare the meal or ingredients before enjoying your first smoke or vape. Doing this the night before is advised.


If you do plan to venture out, or even entertain later in the day, smelling like weed probably is not a great look. Regular intervals of showering can help you feel (and smell) fresh throughout the day, even if the session starts to get heavy.

Not to mention, a decent shower or bath when high is a fantastic feeling, just make sure no one else needs to use it, you may be there a while!


Like it says on the tin, smoking weed will dehydrate you, potentially causing cottonmouth, a dry cough and the tendency to rip open one bag of sweets after the other.

Make sure you have plenty of bottles of water handy throughout the day. Staying hydrated will keep the brain ticking all the way through your chosen program.



Whether you are the next Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver, preparing a three-course meal when you’re nice and stoned is a lot less fun than you may think. Have an idea of your meal plan for the day and if possible, prepare it beforehand.

If this isn't possible, you want your meals to be quite simple and ready-made style. Worst case scenario, make sure you have a large variety of takeaway menus on hand. When the munchies kick in, make sure you have prepared!


It can be all too easy to lose yourself in the cosmos when waking 'n' baking. Whilst this is the intention, you will need to eat at points and may even need to remember to switch over to your favorite show on TV.

To help yourself stay adequate, don't be afraid to set alarms throughout the day. Doing this before you start smoking will make sure you don't miss anything. Especially if you've just put something in the oven.


Smoking weed first thing in the morning is going to produce smoke in a probably still pretty fresh smelling morning.

The last thing you want is a marijuana cloud wafting under the door and down the hall if you live in a block of flats, alarming your neighbors who have also just woken up.

Simply blocking the bottom of the door with a wet towel can help to keep things intimate, and if you think this won’t help, smoking your first joint of the day while taking a healthy walk outside will.


This is about the journey, not the destination. Ensure you have plenty of weed for when in need, but there is by no means a requirement to get through all of it. Wake 'n' bake is about the ultimate in stress relief and the ultimate in dosage.

Just enjoy the experience of smoking, vaping, or eating edibles and let that buzz do its work. You’re not filming a YouTube challenge video, so make sure you can get all the way to the end of that final season of Game of Thrones.

If you are planning to smoke some weed first thing in the morning just to make your day a little more fun but do have to go work, make sure you don’t overdo it. You don’t want to be noticeably baked at work.


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