How to wake and bake: 12 Tips

How to wake and bake: 12 Tips
Max Sargent

Smoking weed before you've properly woken up. A wonderful way to start the day? Maybe. But you've got to get a few things right first, and ensure that you've picked the right day to do it! Here we outline some principles which should make your wake and bake a success.

There is much terminology and slang surrounding cannabis consumption, and "wake and bake" is probably one of the more self explanatory. Here we look into the concept of waking and baking, explore a little of its history, and then dive right into our guide on how best to enjoy a wake and bake session.

What Is Wake ‘N’ Bake?

How to wake and bake: 12 tips

The concept of a wake and bake is simple, incredibly so. You wake up and immediately get high. Depending on how weed affects you, this might sound like the best idea in the world, or the worst. Not only this, but the strain of weed will make a big difference too. A sleepy indica may not be the thing when you’re not even fully awake!

The global drugs survey found that 21.9% of US cannabis users regularly wake and bake.¹ Commitment, right? In most regions of the world though, the US case may be anomalous. Thanks to the cannabis market in much of the US, access to a good, morning sativa is much easier there compared with elsewhere.

Who Started Wake And Bake?

How to wake and bake: 12 tips

It might be better to ask, when was the term “wake and bake” first used? Given that humans have been using cannabis for thousands of years, it’s likely that humans have been using cannabis in the morning for thousands of years too.

However, the modern conception of a wake and bake appears to have originated in the US around the 70’s or 80’s. There are several theories which attempt to explain its origin. A popular one is that it helps people to cope with the drudgery of unenjoyable work. However, let's hope this isn’t true, because using drugs to cope with your problems is rarely a good idea!

The likelihood is that there are many reasons that people wake and bake. Only by giving it a name do we define it as a specific activity. There’s no specific name for smoking weed after work; it’s just plain old getting high. Most likely, people smoke weed in the mornings because they like weed.

When To Wake And Bake

How to wake and bake: 12 tips

It goes without saying… in the morning!

But it’s broader than this. For most people, a wake 'n' bake session can't be done on any old day. As an example, its probably not a good idea to do it before an intense day of work. Some might be able to pull it off, but for most it's not advisable and can be disorienting. In most cases, a wake and bake is best saved for those days where you have no commitments and you want to properly relax. A Sunday springs to mind.

Strains which are low in THC and high in CBD are likely to be more manageable in the morning and will leave you with more of your faculties intact, thereby allowing you to go about a more normal day.

Is Wake And Bake Bad For You Or Not?


As with all things to do with drugs, taking someone else’s word for it won’t cut it. What your decision comes down to is whether something works for you as an individual. Some people will know immediately that a wake and bake is not for them, others will find the idea highly exciting.

If you’ve not tried it before and you’re intrigued, follow this guide and pick a day when you have no commitments to test it out on, and go from there. Here’s a brief rundown of the pros and cons of waking and baking.

Pros Of Wake And Bake

  • Gets you extra stoned as you’re brain is not fully awake
  • Leaves a lingering feeling throughout the day
  • Can set the tone for a very chill day
  • Depending on you, and the strain chosen, it can actually kick start a day of focus and creativity

Cons Of Wake And Bake

  • • Basically all of the above, but in a situation where you don’t want to be high

12 Tips For The Best Wake ‘N’ Bake

Cons of wake and bake

So now you know a little about it, we’ve got 12 tips to make your wake and bake a success. These tips also cover how not to wake and bake, because it’s an easy thing to get wrong, too.

1. Choose The Right Strain

Picking a suitable strain is key to a successful wake and bake. Of course, for many cannabis users this is no mean feat, and having access to a variety of strains may not be an option. Indeed, you may have no idea what the one strain you can get actually is. Alas!

But if we all lived in an ideal world, it is generally accepted that high-CBD sativas or sativa-dominant strains are the perfect morning smoke. These energising strains leave people focused and not too blazed. Indica, while very popular due to its sedative, relaxing qualities, may not be the best option for an early morning smoke.

However, it really comes down to what you want. If you’re doing it to enhance your day, stick with a sativa strain. If, on the other hand, you just want to get incredibly stoned and spend the day on the sofa, maybe an indica strain is just the ticket. In that case, maybe hit a few bongs while you’re at it!

If you fancy something special and want longer-lasting effects, consider waking and baking some weed pancakes, and starting off your day with some tasty edibles.

Where Can I Buy Wake And Bake Strains?

This depends where you are. If you live in the US, Netherlands or Barcelona, you might just be able to pop along to a dispensary, coffee shop or social club and pick up your favourite strain. If you live elsewhere, things might be more difficult.

If you grow you’re own, pick a few strains which are meant specifically for a wake and bake session. If you’re choices are very limited, one solution would be to buy some CBD flower/hash and mix this with a small amount of weed, which will give you a more moderate morning high.

2. Clear Your Schedule

Having a free day ahead of you is, in most cases, is going to make for a much more enjoyable experience. Most cannabis users will not look forward to heading into a busy day full of commitments while stoned. For some though, this is exactly what they want.

Be careful before actively cancelling plans just to spend the day getting high, this might not be the best way to spend your time. Perhaps instead aim to keep a day free, and devote that to getting high from dawn until disk instead.

For those smoking weed with a high concentration of CBD, it will be much easier to go about your day normally, and have a clear schedule is less important.

3. Creature Comforts

Preparing wake ’n’ bake session before is a smart way to go. With a clear focus on removing as much stress as possible, you want all areas of your house or flat to be ready for your relaxation.

By this we mean, make the bed, fluff the pillows, or even clean your bedsheets or put an extra cover or quilt on the sofa, as you want to be able to move from one feeling of bliss to another.

You don’t want to be busy operating a washing machine or do the dishes and vacuum clean the house when you're high.

4. Wear Comfy Clothes

Now, you are probably able to decide how best to dress for any given day, but it goes without saying that getting comfy is going to make your day of getting high much better.

If you plan to still go to work and just have this nice little extra buzz without people noticing, than the opposite is true. Wear something that somebody who is stoned typically would not wear. Put on that suit and shine your shoes. Looking sharp is never a bad thing and will throw anybody off.

5. Prepare Breakfast

Considered the meal of champions for good reason, a hearty breakfast prepares your body for the day and provides a base for any amounts of cannabis you might plan to consume. Above all else, a good breakfast just helps to set the tone for the day.


The key here is indulgence—only the most decadent choices will do. Just make sure you follow similar steps to being comfortable and prepare the meal or ingredients before enjoying your first smoke or vape. Doing this the night before is advised.

6. Smoke First, Shower Second

If you do plan to venture out, or even entertain later in the day, smelling like weed probably is not a great look. Regular intervals of showering can help you feel (and smell) fresh throughout the day, even if the session starts to get heavy.

Not to mention, a decent shower or bath when high is a fantastic feeling, just make sure no one else needs to use it, you may be there a while!

Brushing your teeth when you’re high feels great, and will give you an invigorating buzz. Once you’re ready, this can be the final piece in the puzzle if you intend to have an active, productive day.

7. Use Eye Drops Before You Go Out

If you’re prone to red-eye (most of us are), some eye drops may not go amiss. This is particularly important if you intend to go to work, or anywhere else where you being stoned may not be appreciated.

Eye drops can help to constrict the blood vessels in the eye, thereby reversing the cause of red-eye. This will allow you to hit the town with confidence.

8. Stay Hydrated

Smoking weed will dehydrate you, potentially causing cottonmouth, a dry cough and the tendency to rip open one bag of sweets after the other.
Make sure you have plenty of bottles of water handy throughout the day. Staying hydrated will keep the brain ticking all the way through your chosen program. What’s more, much of the fabled “munchies” is actually caused by dehydration. So if you drink ample water, you might find that you are better able to resist that snack.

9. Keep Meals Simple

This, again, comes down to you. If you love cooking, it may well be that spending a few hours preparing a taste sensation could actually be the perfect way to spend your day. If this isn’t you, it might be worth having some simple solutions on hand in case you get hungry, but can’t be bothered to rustle something up.

If this isn't possible, you want your meals to be quite simple and ready-made. Worst case scenario, make sure you have a large variety of takeaway menus on hand. When the munchies kick in, make sure you have prepared!

Whatever you choose to eat, don’t overdo it and, if you can, opt for foods which will give you energy and nutrition, so that you can enjoy the rest of your day.


10. Set Alarms

It can be all too easy to lose yourself in the cosmos when waking 'n' baking. Whilst this is the intention, you will need to eat at points and may even need to remember to switch over to your favourite show on TV.

Likewise, getting up a little earlier than normal can give you plenty of time to go about things more slowly than you usually do. You don’t want to rush!

To help yourself keep time, don't be afraid to set alarms throughout the day. Doing this before you start smoking will make sure you don't miss anything. Especially if you've just put something in the oven.

11. Don’t Wake And Bake The Neighbors

Smoking weed first thing in the morning is going to produce smoke in a probably still pretty fresh smelling morning. Fortunately, there are several ways to disguise the delicious aroma of your chosen bud.

The last thing you want is a marijuana cloud wafting under the door and down the hall if you live in a block of flats, alarming your neighbours who have also just woken up. Simply blocking the bottom of the door with a wet towel can help to keep things intimate, and if you think this won’t help, smoking your first joint of the day while taking a healthy walk outside will.

12. Pace Yourself

This is about the journey, not the destination. Ensure you have plenty of weed for when in need, but there is by no means a requirement to get through all of it. Wake 'n' bake is about the ultimate in stress relief and the ultimate in dosage.

Just enjoy the experience of smoking, vaping, or eating edibles and let that buzz do its work. You’re not filming a YouTube challenge video, so make sure you can get all the way to the end of that final season of Game of Thrones.

If you are planning to smoke some weed first thing in the morning just to make your day a little more fun but do have to go work, make sure you don’t overdo it – leave that extra brownie or bong hit. You don’t want to be noticeably baked at work.

How to Wake ‘N’ Bake And Feel Alright?

12. pace yourself

It would be irresponsible to advise you to wake and bake without presenting the counter-argument too. Though cannabis is not physically addictive, be under no illusions that habitual use can develop into marijuana use disorder.

If you find yourself missing work or school, spending money you don’t have, smoking even when you wanted to stay sober, craving it, giving up on hobbies and interests and so on, then your habit may have become unhealthy.

For all the potential fun of smoking up in the morning, it could also be indicative of a dependency on cannabis. It’s always important to try to objectively appraise your drug use. Think, “how would somebody else view my habit?”

Waking And Baking Like A Pro

These guidelines should help you make the most of your wake and bake experience. Go steady and work out if it’s for you. Waking and baking tends to meet polar opinions: people either love it or hate it.

Exercise caution, make sure you have nothing important to do, try to get the strain right, and most importantly, relax. Prepare yourself for a lazy day!


  1. ^ Global Drug Survey, Global Drug Survey 2017, récupéré November-30-2018
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