Is there a relationship between female orgasm and cannabis?

Is there a relationship between female orgasm and cannabis?

Some wild rumors are floating around about weed, women, and sex. Time to set the record straight on the link between weed and female orgasm.

Cannabis and sex is an erotic combination that has everyone talking. Supposedly, smoking weed before intercourse is the ultimate fix for a lousy sex life, especially for the female connoisseur.

The women who have experimented with this naughty pair swear by it, not just for getting off, but getting off more often and more intensely. But does sparking up the herb really make sex better, and if so, in what way?


As with most subjects involving cannabis, the research on cannabis and female orgasm is limited. However, there are some solid forms of evidence that suggest the herb can perform sensuous miracles for women who desire an enhanced sex life. One study can be found in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, which set to discover if weed leads to more sex. As it turns out, it does. Cannabis users not only have lots of sex, but they also have 20% more sex than non-users.[1]

There's a female-focused study that can be found in the JSM as well, which was conducted to determine if consuming cannabis before sex would enhance the overall experience. Although every woman's experience is unique from the other, 72% of participants claimed their erotic pleasure increased and 62% noted heightened orgasms and libido. Only 3% had something negative to say about combining weed and sex, while 23% said it didn't make a difference either way, and 9% had nothing to tell at all.[2]



It's clear that cannabis can do something special for a woman’s sex life, but how? For starters, marijuana takes the edge off. If you're one to get nervous before sex, weed can help ease the stress of it all and put you in a calm state of mind. Sometimes, our head is our worst enemy, and we will overthink a situation until it's no longer fun. Fortunately, weed can banish those negative thoughts and allow you to enjoy the moment.

Weed can help physically too. According to research, cannabis has to the potential to be an effective pain-reliever. If sex is uncomfortable, or worse, unbearable, weed can make you less tense and more relaxed.[3]

Being high in and of itself is enjoyable, so naturally, when you combine one pleasure with another, you get double the pleasure. Some women find that sex is better high just because of the feeling of being high.


For intense orgasms and more of them to boot, women aren't limited to smoking the herb.

There actually already is quite a market for products made for women that will transform your sex life inside out, or so the thousands of testimonials claim anyway. There are companies that sell weed lubes containing THC or CBD, claiming it will give women mind-blowing orgasms, and there are also special edible chocolates that are rumored to be the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Cannabis-infused lube and chocolate are just two examples of ways you can use weed to crank up the heat before and during intercourse, you can also try a nice CBD or THC infused bath bomb to relax before engaging into sexual intercourse.


It's safe to say there is a connection between cannabis and female orgasm. Again, sexual experiences vary from woman to woman, so consuming the herb may save your sex life, but it might also not. Either way, it's worth a shot, or more appropriately, a spark. It sure beats alcohol, which is proven to impair not only your judgment, but also your health in general.

As with any substance, moderation is key. If you're new to cannabis, start with a low dose and give it time to see how you feel. If you're no stranger to weed, but are new to high sex, the same applies.

Either way, not many folks have negative things to say about weed and sex, so the worst thing that can happen is you tried something new and didn't like it. But if we're being honest, there's nothing that sounds bad about sex while high.


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