The mountain project - review

Luke Sholl

The Mountain Project is a youtube series that followers hip-hop duo and brothers Mendo dope throughout a grow season within the Emerald Triangle and Northern California.

Starring: Daniel and Bryan Eatmon
Produced by: Mendo Dope
Network: Youtube
Run Time: 2018

The mountain project - review

The Mountain Project is a documentary series created by Mendo Dope, documenting life within the mountainous regions of Northern California. Mendo Dope is a hip-hop duo consisting of brothers Daniel and Bryan Eatmon, aka Old E and Bleezy.

The pair grew up within the cannabis culture of the Emerald Triangle, the largest cannabis producing region within the United States. The cultural influence on both their music and documentary series is blazingly apparent.


The first episode, titled The Planting of The Trees, opens with the two whizzing down a dirt road in an old truck, bumping over potholes, and smoking a massive blunt as they do so. The documentary series offers a look into the culture of cannabis farming culture within the mountains.

The brothers explain how they have permits to start a massive grow operation for the 2017 season. Moments later the two begin a tour of the plot of land they plan on initiating their grow operation upon.


The series follows the two brothers over the outdoor growing season, all the way from seed to harvest. The early stages see the two tearing down polytunnels and clearing out pots, putting in work early in the morning and stating, “we do more before breakfast than you do all day”.

The series continues over numerous episodes to follow the story of the grow, showing the preparation of the grow space and the transplant of plants into the pots. The culture of the mountain is on display as other locals come to lend a hand, it seems like a true community effort.

The brothers give the viewers a prime exhibition of their plants, consisting of strains such as Cherrygasm, Raspberry Smash, Locomotion, and White Cherry Truffles. The pair put their growing expertise on display throughout the series, demonstrating soil building, trellising, potting, mulching, and watering.


If you like weed, than there is not that much bad to say about the series.

Maybe we could complain about some parts in the episodes where nothing seems to happen, or about the boys acting a bit too cool, the sometimes bad sound quality, or about the subliminal plugging of their music and some other advertisement, but hey, that’s part of the game right?


The Mountain Project is well worth a watch for passionate growers and cannabis enthusiasts who are curious about what exactly is going on up the mountains in the Emerald Triangle — it can give a useful insight into growing techniques, and what it takes to become a cannabis farmer.

And if you like Hip Hop, then you’re in for a treat.

Luke Sholl
Luke Sholl

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