The legend of 420: documentary review

Netflix adds yet another cannabis-themed documentary to its roster. Is this one any good?

Drected by: Peter Spirer
Initial release: 2017

The legend of 420: documentary review

“The Legend of 420” is the latest addition to Netflix’s growing stash of weed-related offerings. Directed by Peter Spirer, this new documentary aims to explore the trend of cannabis legalization across the US and the blooming industry it has brought about.

The film is quite easy to follow and does a great job of painting a general picture of cannabis, its recreational use and potential as a medicine, and the politics surrounding its reform.

Moreover, The Legend of 420 also explores some of cannabis' impacts on arts and culture via interviews with artists such as Daniel “Dunkees” Militonian, Melissa Etheridge, and Jason Mraz about their use of cannabis and the influence the herb has on their art.

Lasting just under 1.5 hours, the film really serves as a good introduction to the changing cannabis landscape in The States. Those who aren’t too familiar with cannabis will likely enjoy this documentary for its general scope and “easy-to-digest” format.

However, if you’re already familiar with cannabis and looking for a more in-depth look at the plant, its medicinal use, and the culture surrounding it, this film won’t cut it. There is only so much info you can pack into a 90-minute documentary, and Spirer has definitely chosen to leave things lighthearted and general.

At some points, the film also seems slightly over-hyped and energetic, just like a regular conversation with any over-excited cannabis enthusiast can sometimes be.

Nonetheless, The Legend of 420 is a nice addition to mainstream coverage of cannabis-related news, which could only help to open peoples’ minds to a world where cannabis could really become a regular part of human society.