Is 710 the new 420?

Is 710 the new 420?

By now, we’re probably all aware of the epic 4/20 cannabis holiday, which takes place every year on the 20th of April.

However, brace yourselves, a new code word and holiday has risen from the underground, coined as "710." What does it mean? Where does it come from? And most importantly, do we have another day to celebrate cannabis?

One theory is that if you write 710 on a piece of paper and turn it upside down; it spells “OIL,” which is an umbrella term for cannabis extracts.

Is 710 the new 420?

The most popular way to consume concentrates is dabbing. This new trend has taken the cannabis industry by storm over the last few years. Dabbing is the process of heating concentrates on a hot surface and inhaling them - often using a special dab rig, which are also available in portable formats.

Concentrates have become very popular in recent years and are basically very potent oils spanning up to 90% THC (and above!), which are often extracted using solvents like alcohol, butane, and CO₂. They come in different forms known as shatter, budder, hash oil, dabs, wax, etc. depending on their consistency.

Just like 420 (April 20th) is the day for everybody to celebrate cannabis, 710 (July 10th) is the official holiday when all dabbers bring out their rigs and create clouds of THC, elevating their environment to 7th heaven.

The main reason this has become a “thing” is most likely because marijuana enthusiasts were not sated with only one cannabis holiday per year. A new one simply had to be established! Today’s pro-marijuana legalization movement has gained much ground, and this 710 holiday is riding that wave.


Should you ask your boss for a free day? Or is it merely a craze? The best answer is that only time will tell.

However, 710 has definitely gained ground as of late, and the number of people celebrating the sheer power of dabs doesn’t seem to be declining. So there you have it, you can start planning your 10th of July with your friends and contribute to the wonderful world of dabs!