Breaking habits (2018): weed nuns documentary

Luke Sholl

Breaking Habits is a new documentary following the Sisters Of The Valley, a vigilante group of cannabis-growing nuns who believe in sharing the powerful benefits of the herb with the world.

Most probably you have seen the lovely comedian Aubrey Plaza toke up with two nuns from Sisters Of The Valley in a funny video we posted some time ago.

But now there is a new documentary film called “Breaking Habits”, which covers the story of this group of marijuana-growing vigilante nuns.


Weed-nuns on a mission

The Sisters Of The Valley, although they are not officially ordained by any mainstream religious sect, have decided to go on a mission to save the world.

They aim to do this not only by promoting cannabis use, but also growing and directly providing cannabis to those who need it. The nuns are led by sister Kate, who started Sisters Of The Valley after losing everything including her marriage and her corporate job.

The Sisters Of The Valley produce medical marijuana and make tinctures and salves that are sold to patients online, despite the ever-present danger of local drug cartels and the California State Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation.

Breaking Habits was written and directed by Robert Ryan. After the film had its first private screening for buyers at Cannes, it was picked up for US distribution via a deal secured by the recently launched Cranked Up Label, and additional pre-sales have been obtained in Switzerland, Australia, and Canada via Mongrel Media and Frenetic Films.

Breaking Habits is scheduled for release in late autumn and based on the trailer, it looks to be worth watching; because where there is smoke, there is always fire.

Luke Sholl
Luke Sholl

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