New video Toby Keith 'Wacky Tobaccy'

Weed and country music are two things you don’t hear together in one sentence very often, but country music does have an interesting relationship with cannabis.

From Johnny Cash singing about wanting to smoke pot in ‘Sunday mornin’ comin’ down’ to Willie Nelson being known as a cannabis advocate and even starting his own line of cannabis products, cannabis and country go way back.

Toby Keith is another good example of a celebrity musician who likes the herb. This country artist known for many a great song, but one of them was a duet with his friend Willie Nelson, in which he sang about never wanting to smoke weed with Willie again. Willie’s weed apparently was a bit too strong for Toby.

Even though he swore to never smoke weed with Willie again, Toby Keith is back with another hit from the bong as he released a great video clip for his new song “Wacky Tobaccy”. And yes, it stars Willie Nelson.

The song is about, you guessed it right, funny cigarettes, and has no hidden messages other than that its great to smoke “weed from a bong, like old Cheech and Chong”.

Have a look at the smoke-filled video below and don’t miss our 84-year-old friend Willie Nelson coming out of a hotbox bathroom all smoked up. Go Toby!