Odor control and growing marijuana indoors - How to eliminate the smell

Odor control and growing marijuana indoors - How to eliminate the smell

There’s no way around it: cannabis plants smell! And while you might love your green ladies’ perfume, there are plenty of people who don’t. Hence, it’s important you keep the smell of your indoor grow to a minimum.


Ever notice how bad smells seem to get worse in hot and humid environments? That’s because water vapor makes our noses more sensitive to smells in the air. Heat also seems to perpetuate some smells, which is bad news for cannabis, which already has a pretty notable scent to begin with.

Before you do anything, make sure your temperature and humidity levels aren’t too high. This is especially important with mature plants that are covered in trichomes, as they’ll be rich in aromatic terpenes.


Air circulation is another important factor to consider when trying to minimize the smell of your indoor garden. That’s because air circulation helps control the heat and humidity levels around your grow.

Without proper air circulation, your grow room can fill with pockets of hot air. Apart from possibly damaging your plants, stunting their growth, and reducing your yield, hot pockets can intensify the natural scent of your plants. As such, make sure you use fans to keep air flowing nicely all throughout your grow room.


Even the right temperature/humidity and enough air circulation won’t get rid of your plants' smell completely, especially not when they start blooming. At this stage, it might be worth looking to some odor-neutralizers.

A popular solution for most small-scale growers is odor-neutralizing gel. These gels are super easy to use; simply open a jar or two and place them inside your grow space so the gels can attract and trap the odor from your plants.

Note that these gels will by no means eradicate the smell of your plants entirely. Nonetheless, they can be effective for minimizing the smell of a small-scale home grow where you want to keep odor to a minimum.

Remember to stay away from air freshener sprays. Spraying these products in your grow room will do little to deal with the odor from your plants and will likely only contaminate your buds.



If odor is a real problem for you, your best option is to invest in activated carbon filters. As the name suggests, these filters use activated carbon to attract and trap odor contaminants from the air. The principle behind using these filters is the same as odor-neutralizing gels, only these are much more effective.

But an activated carbon filter is worthless if it's not connected to an extraction fan. The fan will literally suck air from your grow space through the filter, cleansing it on the way.

Carbon filters come in a variety of different sizes. You’ll want to pick a model that suits the size of your grow space and exhaust air installation.