Top 10 low-odour cannabis strains

Top 10 low-odour cannabis strains
Adam Parsons

The aroma of cannabis is something that is often cherished by cannabis lovers—to the point some users will specifically seek out strains for their mouth-watering smells. However, smell is not always a good thing, especially if you are trying to be discreet about a home grow. Here are ten strains that won't have the neighbours knocking.

The aroma of cannabis is a wonderful thing. For the trained nose, it is an insight into the genetics of the bud being used, and for others, its mouth-watering insight into the flavours to come. However, in the grow room, this tantalising treat for the senses can be seen as an odour, especially if you are trying to be discreet about things.

So whats a home grower to do? You want the best bud, of course, so your strain will probably be smelly, right? As it turns out, that isn't always the case! In fact, there are all sorts of strains out there that produce top-shelf cannabis without being too "loud" in the smell department as they grow. Of course, all weed smells to some degree as it grows, but low-odour strains make it manageable.

Need us to prove it? Very well! Here's a list of our 10 favourite low-odour cannabis strains.


You might've already heard of Northern Lights before, and for good reason! While you won't notice the scent, you'll definitely notice the effects. Each bud contains roughly 19% THC. Along with a stoney sensation, you're sure to experience a rare sort of relaxation. This serenity is further amplified by subtle aromas of citrus and pine, just pronounced enough for you to notice. The flavour is similar, and ends up low-key as well. Even then, it'll be a pleasant surprise for your tongue all the same.

Give this strain about 7 weeks to flower, and you'll enjoy a 500g/m² yield indoors. Outdoor growers will enjoy large yields in that time frame as well.


Now that we've seen the Northern Lights, it's time to hop on the Polar Express. It might be named after a train, but it'll lift you like a plane with its 20% THC content. You'll be asleep for the flight, though, as Northern Lights #5, Californian Kush, and Lowryder 2 ensure a strong indica dominance. They also passed on a piney, skunky scent, but it won't be noticeable enough that it is unmanagemable. Rather, as you smoke in peace, you can focus on the fruity citrus notes dancing along your tongue.

A modest 30–80cm stature ensures stealthiness, and you'll harvest 300–400g/m² about 60–80 days after flowering begins.


Jack Herer, for those who don't know, was one of the most prominent cannabis activists to ever live. Considering that, we're quite happy his legacy is being honoured by everyone smoking his eponymous strain. Like the man himself, Jack Herer doesn't want you to get in trouble for smoking. As a result, it only reveals its fruity, peppery, and herbal notes to those close by. It then rewards your stealthiness with a peaceful high, thanks to 17.5% THC and a 50/50 indica/sativa balance.

Once it spends around 50–70 days in the flowering stage, you'll be swimming in buds and reaching far up to grab them.

Top 10 low-odour cannabis strains


With such a commanding name, you'd think Master Kush would stink up your whole house. Thankfully, though, it keeps things quiet both on and off the plant itself, perfect for discreet growers and smokers alike. It's a direct descendant of the indicas found in the Hindu Kush mountain range, meaning it's 100% pure indica. That genetic balance, coupled with 15–18% THC, ensures this is the perfect strain for a pre-bed smoke session.

Allow it 120cm of vertical growing space, and prepare for an 8–9-week flowering stage. After that, enjoy 400g/m² indoors and 500–550g/plant outside.


Want to see a magic trick? Just watch Blue Mystic make your paranoia about the weed smell disappear! You have Blueberry and Northern Lights to thank for this one, as they were bred together to create this quiet yet potent powerhouse. The 20% THC content will have you plenty stoned, and an 80% indica lean will ensure you spend some quality time with your couch.

Expect a 9-week flowering time, with plants reaching up to 100cm indoors and up to 220cm outdoors. You'll have a 375–425g/m² yield with the former and a 400–450g/plant yield with the latter.


"How is a strain named Sharksbreath known for being low-odour?". Well, have you ever smelled a shark's breath? Yeah, neither have we. The scent may hide like a great white's prey, but the 19–22% THC content will have you feeling like you're floating in calm waters. Indica-dominant genetics will ensure that as well, courtesy of crossbreeding Great White Shark and Lamb's Bread. The parents also gave this strain a wonderful sweet and sour candy flavour, perfect for the sweet tooth-having folks amongst you.

This strain needs about 9 weeks to flower. By that time, it'll offer 500–600g/m² to indoor growers, and a similar amount to outdoor cultivators.


There are lots of indicas on this list, and we don't like being predictable. That's why we're proud to introduce Durban Poison, a nearly pure sativa that boasts subtle spicy flavours and plenty of power. Sometimes it'll test at around 15% THC, which is fine, but you'll really want to look out for the nugs clocking in around 20–25%. As it hits, you'll feel a rush of focus inspiring you for the day ahead. Whether you have chores to do or are gearing up for a long run, Durban Poison has you covered.

It'll take 8–9 weeks to flower, and you can expect yields between 450–650g/m².

Top 10 low-odour cannabis strains


If you're a stealthy grower, and you need to save time while avoiding suspicion, Quick One may be your answer. It's not too strong, containing around 13% THC to be exact, so casual smokers will appreciate it as well. They'll also appreciate the mild fruity aroma, along with the spicy and herbal flavour notes. Being 60% indica, she’ll settle you down without locking you to the couch.

You know how many strains have a flowering time of 8–9 weeks? That's how long this strain takes to go all the way from seed to harvest! Expect it to reach 50–60cm indoors and 60–100cm outdoors. In turn, it'll yield up to 325g/m² and 150g/plant respectively.


Our penultimate addition to this list descends from Amsterdam Skunk, Bomb 1, and Hash Plant. Given that parentage, you wouldn't expect Hash Bomb to have a subtle aroma. Thankfully, however, these spicy and herbal scents are quite low-key. It certainly lives up to the name potency-wise, clocking in between 15–20% THC. With a strong indica dominance, you can also expect this strain to do everything but tuck you into bed.

The flowering stage lasts 6–8 weeks, and outdoor growers will harvest around the end of September. Either way, prepare for medium-tall plants and a yield of around 500–600g/m².


Perhaps as beautiful as the animal it's named after, White Rhino is a sight to behold in any garden. Luckily, the odour during growth is reined in quite a bit. It matches the taste, though, so you're transported to the middle of a vibrant fruit market, sampling the wares. Then, as the 14–20% THC buds take effect, it'll feel like you're sitting on a cloud above that fruit market. That's only if you smoke a lot, however, as a moderate amount will boost creativity and sociability.

Thankfully, the yields are equally impressive. Just give it 8–10 weeks to flower, and you'll be blessed with up to 900g/m² indoors (1200g/plant outside).

Adam Parsons
Adam Parsons

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