Polar Express

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Polar Express (Auto Seeds)
Polar Express (Auto Seeds)
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Polar Express (Auto Seeds)
Indica-dominant autoflowering
Northern Lights 5
Californian Kush
Smell & flavour

Polar Express: Exciting cross between Californian Kush, Northern Lights, and Lowryder genetics

Polar Express is a fast-growing autoflowering cannabis strain. It is an exciting cross between the original Lowryder (the first ever commercially available auto) with a hand-picked Californian Kush variety and Northern Lights #5.

The effects of this strain are both physically relaxing yet slightly uplifting. The high is definitely dominated by strong physical effects which create a nice buzzing, almost tingly sensation, but also provides a nice underlying layer of cerebral stimulation. With strong THC concentrations (up to 15%), Polar Express is best enjoyed at night time or in situations where productivity, motivation, and energy arean’t really your biggest concerns.

While it won’t leave you completely bent, this strain will definitely encourage to sit down on the couch and stay there for a while. Overall, it provides a very enjoyable stone that leaves users feeling happy, euphoric, relaxed, and probably a bit hungry.

Polar Express isn’t just for recreational use. I)n fact, it may prove to be a very viable medical strain for some users. The strong physical effects may prove to be very effective at relieving physical symptoms like pain or muscle spasms as well as inflammation. The overall relaxing euphoria of this strain may also be beneficial for users looking to curb symptoms of depression, stress, or even anxiety. Finally, any medical marijuana patients looking to boost their appetite and kick nausea may also want to consider looking to this strain for help.

The aromas and flavours of this strain are very deceptive. In fact, many growers love this strain because it produces very little smell, which is great for stealthy growers trying to avoid any unnecessary attention. Nonetheless, the strain is very smooth and packs a big punch.

Polar Express has been purposefully bred to grow very small (about 80cm on average, although some growers claim they have achieved heights of up to 110cm). It produces pretty light yields and is really designed for guerilla or stealth growers looking to have a steady supply of great weed with minimal effort. Flowering time is roughly 60-80 days.

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