Hollyweed: finally a good show about a dispensary

Miguel Antonio Ordoñez

Kevin Smith is back, and is now starring in Hollyweed, a hilarious (and free) pilot full of shenanigans and filled with lots of, you guessed it, weed. 

Starring: Kevin Smith, Donnell Rawlings and Frankie Shaw
Written and Directed by: Kevin Smith
Network: Rivit TV

Hollyweed: finally a good show about a dispensary

Kevin Smith is again turning heads in Hollywood as Pete in Hollyweed, a comedy show centered around, you guessed it, weed! For those who are strangers to Smith, he played Silent Bob next to his buddy Jay (played by Jason Mewes) not only in Clerks and Mallrats, but also in Chasing Amy. He is also the director of all of these films, among many other cult classics.

Pete is a witty LA medical cannabis dispensary owner who operates his business alongside Nips, played by Donnell Rawlings, the similarly witty and overly vigilant guy that works behind the counter. Other characters include Brookline Mass, a sexy pornstar whose real name is Janet and is played by Frankie Shaw, Brent, Brookline Mass' arrogant boss played by Adam Brody, and a patch-wearing customer played by Ralph Garman, whose character name remains a mystery.

The pilot for Hollyweed was shot back in 2016, but was rejected by every network it was introduced to. For a while, it was just a digital file on Smith's laptop. Now, the show is getting its chance thanks to Rivit TV, a commercial-free TV platform that lets the audience decide which shows get the greenlight. The first episode is already being aired, so we had to check it out and share our thoughts, especially since it's a product of Kevin Smith.


To point out the obvious, Hollyweed is about weed, so that alone is a reason to tune in. You get to see plants, people smoking, weed-infused products, and more. And of course, there's Kevin Smith too, so that's also reason enough to at least give the show a shot.

If we were the head of a big network, we would definately sign the show for at least 10 seasons. It's witty, has a funny plot and is full of sharp jokes. All in all it will probably have you rolling, especially if you smoke some dank while you tune in.

Kevin Smith is smart and hilarious, and doesn't have to try too hard to make you chuckle. The show has other good characters also, like the cheeky Nips, and Jason Mewes as Rolo, a crazy character who’s living behind the dispensary. Although this pilot episode doesn’t represent Mewes’ best work, he’s always good for a laugh.


For now, Hollyweed is just a pilot, so don't expect stellar acting skills. Also, if cursing, sexual language, or catching a glimpse of a bare bottom isn't your thing, then Hollyweed might come off as vulgar.

The plot of the series might sound a bit like the now-defunct Netflix series Disjointed, but luckily is not nearly as bad. Still, there are already a lot of incredibly stoner-ish comedies out, so if you're tired of those, then Hollyweed might be a snoozer for you.


All in all, Hollyweed is worth checking out. It's nice to see Kevin Smith back in action, especially in a pilot about weed—something he is undeniably passionate about. It's not the highest of quality, but watch it while you're stoned and you'll surely be amused.  

At first, Hollyweed comes off as raunchy, and the storyline isn't all that catchy. But if you give it a chance and watch the entire 26 minutes and 28 seconds, you won't regret it. Toward the end is when things start getting really interesting and more dynamic. And when it's over, you'll wish there was another episode. Plus, it's free, so what do you have to lose?

Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
Miguel Antonio Ordoñez

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