10 ways that smoking weed together can improve your relationship

10 ways that smoking weed together can improve your relationship
Luke Sholl

Smoking cannabis as a couple has the potential to enhance your relationship in numerous ways. Not only can it contribute to better sex, it also leads to emotional intimacy, more interesting conversations, and other scenarios both in and outside of the bedroom.

It’s very common for couples to share a bottle of wine or a few bottles of beer over a romantic meal. However, other couples prefer to keep things herbal and indulge in joints and bongs instead of beers and shots.

Cannabis’ popularity is rising rapidly as laws change and the substance becomes implicated in more of the same situations as alcohol. Alcohol, for example, is known to increase social confidence and therefore might be fun to use in a dating scenario.

But booze is also associated with increases in certain health conditions and acts of violence. What could cannabis bring to a relationship instead? It appears the herb can enhance many moments, from the mundane to the romantic. Here’s a few of the most noteworthy.


The herb may improve a couple’s sex life in various ways. For one, cannabis is known to increase sensitivity and alertness. An uplifting sativa strain can help people really immerse themselves in the act of sex and create a stronger bond with their partner.

Sex really is the glue in a relationship that physically connects a couple, and cannabis can help to make this experience even more significant and special. Cannabis is claimed to be an aphrodisiac that may possibly enhance orgasms whilst boosting sexual desire and arousal. 

As well as making the experience more intense, cannabis can also help out those encountering trouble in the bedroom. Weed is associated with reducing erectile dysfunction by stimulating blood flow to the genitals.


One factor in life that keeps people motivated and passionate are interests and hobbies, and there’s nothing like sharing a mutual love and fascination for cannabis. Smoking weed usually starts out as a casual ritual, but can often explode into a deep rabbit hole of research and interest.

Although some people may unfortunately still associate weed with sitting around being stoned, it luckily goes a lot further than this. There is vast science and technology behind cannabis, from crafting edibles and oils to creating different smoking devices to caring for a beautiful plant together.

Enjoying cannabis together as a couple can become a mutual passion that ultimately brings two people closer together.


3. it can be a family enterprise

In regions of the world where it has been legalized, cannabis can be used to create artisanal home businesses. Anything from weed edibles to oils and pre-rolled joints are in high demand, all of which can be made as a team in the home kitchen.

Some couples even go so far as to grow together to provide homegrown goodness to their customers. Growing cannabis alone is a fascinating and rewarding experience; doing it as a couple brings it to another level.


The first few months of a relationship are usually fueled by turbulent brain chemistry and intense romance. However, after some time, usually things start to normalize and settle down. This by no means reduces the quality of a relationship, but couples can begin to get slightly bored and spend more time on their phones than talking face to face.

Cannabis is well-known to ignite interesting conversations, and consuming together as a couple might help you putting down the phone and engaging in fascinating conversations ranging from each others pasts to the origins of the universe.


Food is another form of bonding. Sitting down at the table on a daily basis to eat a well-prepared meal helps to close the gap and encourage interaction. Cooking for a partner is also a much appreciated display of care, love, and dedication. Cannabis can add serious flare to the kitchen in two primary ways.

The first is that cannabis usually triggers serious cases of the munchies. Smoking together will have you in the kitchen together in no time, getting creative and cooking up storm.

The second way is that cannabis can be infused into almost any dish via cannabis oils and butters. This means you and your partner can bond over cooking up a batch of edibles, experiencing potent highs together from your own creations.


Every relationship has its challenges, and they simply wouldn’t be the same without them. Couples who adapt to trials and tribulations are usually stronger and more trusting. However, excess jealousy, drama, and obsession can sometimes bring a relationship to its end.

For some people, throwing cannabis into the mix offers a change in perspective and helps to bring things down to earth. Cannabis is famous for chilling people out and relaxing them. If things start to get heated, you can always try lighting up a joint together and review things from there.


7. travelling is way more fun

Travelling is fun regardless of who you're with, and is one of the most profound ways to expand the mind and your perspective on the world. Vacationing as a couple can create a strong bond, but it will certainly test you. Travel can be highly stressful, triggering heated arguments between couples.

Going on a journey to weed-friendly locations will simmer such arguments down and offer some much-needed respite. Additionally, sparking up a nice sativa will likely get couples in the mood for an adventure such as hunting waterfalls or hiking mountains.


Pampering each other in a relationship is a sure sign of love. Lighting up some candles, running a bath, and giving a massage are surefire ways to help your partner feel relaxed and renewed.

Using cannabis as a tool in this setting can greatly enhance the benefits derived from a warm bath or deep tissue massage. Cannabis infused massage oils and bath bombs will help to soothe tight muscles and contribute to healthy skin.


It is often expressed that couples who workout together stay together, and this does make perfect sense. Being in good shape boosts self esteem to new levels, which can be great for any insecurities within a relationship. Also, the endorphins released during the process of lifting weights and playing sports might certainly make you be nicer to each other.

More and more people believe that cannabis and a good workout go hand in hand, so while heading to the gym as a couple is great for motivation, doing so while being a little buzzed might help both partners focus and (safely) push their limits.


Routines are essential in life to stay focused and motivated, but too much routine and not enough spontaneity can take its toll on a relationship. Surprising your partner out of the blue with a trip or gift is a way to keep the fire burning. Because weed is so effective at sparking creative ideas, it might contribute to keeping a couple on their toes and coming up with new ideas.

Luke Sholl
Luke Sholl

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