Is freezing your weed a good idea?

Is freezing your weed a good idea?

Freezing one's weed is a common endeavor practiced by some growers, but is it such a good idea? Let's consider the impact of this common long-term storage method.

After cannabis plants are harvested, they’re dried and cured. This process last around 4 weeks, depending on growers’ preference. After the buds are cured, they’re usually directly consumed at the zenith of their quality.

Now, if you happen to have more weed than you can smoke, and selling the stash to friends is not an option because it’s illegal or you just don’t want to, you will need to store the weed somewhere and somehow. So does freezing your weed prolong the lifespan of your stash?


When there’s an overwhelming amount left over after one’s habitual marijuana consumption, some people keep their weed stored long-term in the freezer. This is often done by placing the cured bud into vacuum-sealed packs and putting them in the coldest part of the freezer. The idea is that freezers stop the weed from aging further and “freezes buds in time.”

However, this is not really a good idea; freezers can deteriorate the quality of trichomes, the glands responsible for producing cannabinoids like THC and CBD and aromatic terpenes.

When frozen, the trichomes become brittle. If handled incorrectly, lots of trichomes can be lost in the process of being moved around.

Furthermore, if the freezer breaks or cannot regulate a consistent temperature, the buds can either rot from heat and humidity or become completely freezer-burnt.


There is an exception to this rule, and that’s live resin. When preparing live resin, the plants are immediately flash frozen after harvest using liquid nitrogen that reaches -195°C—which is like, super cold.

This preserves all the inherent cannabis chemicals, including the delicious terpenes that are responsible for the flavor profile of a strain. This frozen plant material is then extracted using various solvents like butane or CO₂.

Now, some growers believe that freezing your bud long-term in the freezer is the same thing, therefore, the quality will be good. However, at the temperature of standard, at-home freezers, trichomes will definitely degrade and your weed will lose its potency.


The solution to storing your weed

Ultimately, if you happen to come across more weed than you can smoke, the best way to store weed is in glass jars, in a dark and cool space.

UV light is a strong cause of the degradation of weed, so it should be kept away from sunlight. Placing cured weed in plastic bags, like Ziploc bags, is not the best idea for long-term storage because they can have a static charge, which affects the quality of the weed. Glass, on the other hand, has a neutral charge. Temperature also matters; when the stash is stored in a cooler place with less humidity, the buds won’t degrade as fast.

Then the weed has been properly cured, the shelf life of your stash should be extended up to about 2 years, although, THC will naturally begin to gradually degrade after 6-12 months.

It can technically be consumed long after that, but there is no guarantee of quality.