Is topping autoflowering cannabis plants really a bad thing?

Is topping autoflowering cannabis plants really a bad thing?
Adam Parsons

Topping feminized cannabis plants can lead to greater yields. But is topping autoflowering plants really a bad idea? Have a look at what our expert grower says.

Hi there,

I have grown plants before, and they were always feminized plants. But out of curiosity, I decided to grow some autoflowering plants for the first time.

I'm used to always topping my plants and out of habit, I did the same with my autoflowering plants.

Now, I have heard that topping autoflowering plants is not a smart thing to do. Why is that? Will this dramatically lower my harvest?


Recreational Ricky

Hi Rick,

First off, love your name.

Second off, your question.

Although it is possible to use this technique successfully on autos, it requires precision and proper timing. Therefor it is usually not recommended to top autoflowering plants for beginning growers.

If done incorrectly, it can cripple your yields significantly, leaving you with a bunch of small, undeveloped popcorn buds.

Autoflowering plants have very short time frame in which they establish canopy size. Usually, they create side branching on their own. Auto genetics have it encoded to focus on flowering, rather than significant vegetative development.

Topping your plants at the wrong moment might confuse them and persuade them into focusing their energy on growth. In this situation, the yield will suffer as the plants will divide their energy and none of the functions will be fulfilled 100%.

God luck and let us know how they turned out!

Good luck!

Adam Parsons
Adam Parsons

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