Do my cannabis plants mind me smoking near them?

Do my cannabis plants mind me smoking near them?
Steven Voser

Is it bad for cannabis plants if you smoke in your grow room? How does it cigarette smoke affect your plants? Have a look at the answer from our expert grower.


I live in a 1 room apartment, and I have a small grow tent next to the TV. Unfortunately, I have the bad habit of smoking cigarettes. And I smoke inside my apartment.

Obviously, my 2 plants receive a lot of nicotine-infused “fresh air.” Is a lot of nicotine in the air a problem for my 2 young ladies? As much as I like smoking cigarettes, I think I like my plants more.

Should I give up smoking?



Hi there anonymous,

Good question! As a smoker myself, I know that smoking cigarettes is a lovely, but bad habit and I do have some bad news for you.

I recommend to work on your habits in this case.

You will have to make a choice here I think. Do you want your plants to perform best? Or rather smoke cigarettes. Just like any other living being, and maybe even more than most, plants need fresh air exchange, otherwise they will not perform to their fullest.

Another thing is that tobacco smoke has tons of harmful ingredients that you want to keep away from your plants in order for them to thrive. Even if you would not smoke cigarettes, but joints without tobacco, it would still be better to not expose your plants to this.

Also there are claims that some plant viruses can survive burning and travel through cigarette smoke as a vector in the air, finding their way to other plants and causing potential complications.

Even if the plants seem to perform okay, we assure you they would perform better with fresh air exchange.

So maybe you could find a way to smoke but make sure your plants are not a victim of second hand smoke? Maybe you could smoke under the exhaust hood in your kitchen, or smoke only outside?

And even though I am a smoker myself like I said, both you and the plant would perform better with fresher air.

Good luck!

Steven Voser
Steven Voser

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