Setting goals for your first cannabis grow

Setting goals for your first cannabis grow

So you have psyched yourself up for the experience! No more will you have to buy cannabis from someone else. Not only that, but you will always have ready access to your favourite strains.

Congratulations. Now what?

Planning, planning, planning and planning are all important for your future success. Setting goals is also very important. The following are some of the basic preparatory steps you need to complete to ensure that your agricultural endeavours are successful.


The first step is obviously deciding what you want to grow. Researching the cannabis strain(s) you prefer is a critical step. Different strains have different attributes, odour, taste and impact. Sativa and indica plants have very different space, light and nurturing requirements.

You also have to ask yourself what you really like and why you are embarking on this venture in the first place. Are you setting yourself up to supply your own stash? Do you need a constant supply of weed or are you a casual dabbler looking for your own brand? Do you require cannabis for medicinal purposes or are you a recreational toker?

Different strains of cannabis also require different levels of attention and grow at different speeds. Some plants will flower only with the right amount of light. Some are autoflowering. Some have more demanding nutritional needs than others. Meeting your plants’ most basic needs is also an important aspect of your success.

Asking yourself these questions beforehand will also help you answer the next most important question.


Deciding where to grow

Indoor vs. outdoor grows are very different – from the kinds of plants that thrive to the expense of setting up a grow room. Obviously if you live in a place where secrecy is required, this will also mandate a strategy.

Deciding on the location and requirements of the grow space, will then open up new parameters. Do you want to use soil or hydro growing methods? Does your grow space have the headroom to grow sativa plants? Can you rig up an effective lighting scheme? Do you have access to water? Is the space well ventilated? Can you add ventilation without giving yourself away?


Particularly when planning to grow indoors, you also have to plan your purchases and expenses carefully. Not only do you have to buy and create your perfect growing environment. This means deciding on a soil vs. hydro grow space. You also have to architect your light space and sphere.

Choosing which lights to use (and which fit your budget) is another consideration. Rigging your lights to provide proper lighting for all your plants is also a key step critical to your success.

Also remember that when growing indoors, you will see higher electricity bills. This may lead you to a strategy to spend more money upfront on LED grow lights.


It goes without saying that the security of your operations is paramount. This is especially true in jurisdictions where home grow is not encouraged or even legal.

Don’t tell your friends what you are doing. You do not want your agricultural efforts to attract unwanted attention. In this case, it is also not just the authorities that you have to worry about. This is a high cash crop. Thefts are not unknown, particularly when buds are close to harvesting.


Some plants need more care and feeding than others. That said, committing to the time and expense of crop maintenance takes organization. Wanting a high maintenance variety is not the same as taking the time to grow one successfully.

You may also find that adding a timing to your lights (for example) makes some part of the growing experience less tedious. Automate as much as you can afford to do.


While beginners may think the entire process sounds impossible, it isn’t. Just take small steps. Be realistic. Go slow. Do your research.

And no matter what, there is an easy to imagine payoff at the end. There is nothing quite like producing your first successful crop. Except maybe the ability and confidence it gives you to repeat the experience.