Coach snoop (2018) - review

Adam Parsons

Snoop Dogg is back on Netflix, but in a series that has nothing to do with weed. Coach Snoop is about him coaching a junior football league, and it's not bad.

Starring: Snoop Dogg
Directed by: William J. Saunders and Rory Karpf
Genre: Reality TV series
Initial release: February 2, 2018
Network: Netflix

Coach snoop (2018) - review

A few weeks ago Netflix released a new reality series called “Coach Snoop”, which follows Snoop Dogg and his fellow coaches as they deal with the kids in his youth football team and the issues the kids are dealing with.

We usually only write about cannabis related subjects and movies, but we decided to write this review because we are big fans of Snoop Dogg, no matter what he does.

Snoop Dogg has charisma, and wether it is Snoop as a host for a lame cooking program, host of his own weed filled talk show, Snoop as a reggae artist or rapper, or Snoop starring in a lame stoner movie or even a reality Netflix series with a very high amount of “16 and pregnant-like MTV fakery”, we’ll be watching it.

Although it is hard to think of Snoop without a blunt on his lips, the new series has absolutely nothing to do with weed.


The other snoop

Snoop Dogg has been a busy man in the last 2 decades and even though his music career has been keeping him busy, he is a good enough guy to also give back to society.

Snoop started the Snoop Youth Football League more than 10 years ago and has been coaching kids about discipline, self-respect and teamwork through American football.

Not many people will know that Snoop is quite a sports fan and even played some football himself when growing up. And it turns out he is not that bad! Snoop then later got himself certified as a football coach and has been coaching his son, and many other youngsters from the neighborhoods he himself grew up in.


Each episode deals with the story of one of the teens and it is great to see what Snoop Dogg and his guys are trying to do to help them. They give youngsters a chance to get away from their daily lives and try to teach them something good. Seeing Snoop in this role makes us absolutely love him even more.

It is visible that the young guys look up to Snoop and his colleague coaches, even though the language used to communicate to the teens seems a bit harsh at times (but hey, this is Netflix, and this is Snoop, a man who has been talking about b*tches and n*gga’s probably since the day he could talk).

The thing that is great about the show being on Netflix, is that Snoop manages to also bring the more serious things to a bigger audience. It is probably never bad to address the issue of poverty and the way some of these kids have to grow up. The show deals with bullying, self esteem, racism, parenting, and yes, sports.

Each individual episode highlights the story of a different kid and it each time gives us a better picture of the life they live and the sometimes difficult and serious situation Snoop and his men are dealing with.


As we mentioned before, we are writing this review not because it is in any way about cannabis, but purely because we like Snoop.

On of the very few moments we see anything related to weed is in the first episode when we see Snoop Dogg in his studio, smoking a big fatty and introducing the show.

The rest of the show is basically a reality TV series, filled with the usual dramas and the sometimes clearly blown-up or even staged events that you can imagine in a series about a group of so-called troubled kids who play football to get away from their tough lives.

What ticked us off a bit is that at some moments the show seems a bit overdramatized and some scenes seem a bit too staged, which then throws the whole show in the same corner as many other shows we hate oh so much.

To be honest, if it hadn't been for the presence of Snoop Dogg, we would not have been watching - let alone talking about - this show at all.


Netflix’s collection is growing, but it seems that good stuff to watch is getting more rare. Just like us, you have probably already seen all the episodes of Black Mirror and watched Breaking Bad for a 5th time.

So if you have a free evening and you are desperately looking for something different to binge-watch, have a look at Coach Snoop. It’s pretty OK, even if you are baked.

Adam Parsons
Adam Parsons

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