Review - dr. Dabber boost

Review - dr. Dabber boost
Max Sargent

Are you a fan of dabbing? We sure are. So we decided to take a closer look the Dr. Dabber Boost, the first portable, battery-powered dab rig.

Review - Dr. Dabber Boost

Legalization has paved the way for the popularization of new methods of cannabis consumption. One of the most novel and exciting is dabbing. When this trend first came about, one of the only ways to prepare cannabis concentrate for dabbing was to heat the nail of a dab rig using a butane/propane torch.

Nowadays, dabbing technology has also evolved with the introduction of battery-powered hash oil rigs like Boost by Dr. Dabber.



Dr. Dabber Boost comes in a sturdy and nice looking case that contains everything you need to start dabbing. Inside the case you will find:

  • Boost eRig
  • Glass water attachment
  • Quartz nail
  • Titanium nail
  • Ceramic nail
  • Magnetic carb cap
  • Magnetic loading tool
  • 2 Medical grade silicone storage containers
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Limited Edition Dr. Dabber keychain

Being the first ever portable, battery-powered dab rig, Dr. Dabber Boost sets the standard for high-quality devices in this market. For one thing, it makes use of a titanium domeless nail, which is larger in size compared to usual dab rigs.

To start off, make sure that the Boost is fully-charged; you can conveniently power it up anywhere through USB charging. After which you should load up the glass percolator with water until it is around ¼ full. If you opt to use the titanium nail, click the button three times. If you opt to use the ceramic nail, click it five times. Easy does it.

Depending on how many times you click the button, you will see the LED indicator turn from white to blue in 25-40 seconds. The temperature should rise up to 515°F (268°C) and reach up to more than 600°F (315°C) after another 20 seconds before the heater turns off.

Once the LED light turns blue, this is the time when you can start dabbing some hash oil onto the nail. After which, place the carb cap over it, begin inhaling, and enjoy.


Besides its classy look, the fact that the Boost is portable makes it very handy and basically usable anywhere.

It is well-developed with the two o-rings that keep the glass percolator tight on the ceramic top. The carb cap, on the other hand, is detachable through a magnet.

Another upside that users agree on is the excellent customer service that the company has. Like any other device, the Dr. Dabber Boost is not exempt from eventually breaking down over time after numerous uses, but the broken parts are easily replaced upon ordering.

But the main takeaway from Dr. Dabber Boost is that it requires no torch to light up. Although some people of course like it, for most people it would indeed be too much of a hassle to be carrying around your own little blow torch inside your bag or front pocket, which makes the battery technology a great innovation for this device.


One downside that many people have been vocal about is the short battery life of the Dr. Dabber Boost. A single full-charge only enables up to 20 to 30 uses, which does not sit well with a good number of users.

Another thing that seems to bother cannabis aficionados is that, unlike the usual desktop e-nail, the Boost does not allow for consistent temperature control. After about 45 seconds of heating up, it is ready to used, but the temperature rises continuously for another 15 seconds before turning off. This lack of consistency in temperature can be frustrating for some users.


The Boost is a nifty and convenient convenient device as you can use it anywhere, at anytime. Despite its acceptable flaws, this device easily makes your dabbing experience a lot more streamlined and enjoyable. And let’s face it. It looks pretty cool.

Max Sargent
Max Sargent

Max has been writing about cannabis and psychedelics for several years now. With a strong belief that an open, honest attitude toward drugs and drug policy can improve the lives of many, he seeks to offer insightful and developed opinions on the subject.