Tips for growing cannabis in a greenhouse

Tips for growing cannabis in a greenhouse

Greenhouses allow growers great flexibility when growing outdoors, and offer a longer growing period and pest protection. Read more at CannaConnection!

Although it requires a decent amount of space and some basic equipment, growing weed in a greenhouse is incredibly simple and has some attractive advantages, that come along with it. As far as simplicity is concerned, it may outweigh growing in an indoor setup for those who value efficiency and minimalism. This removes the need for possibly complex setups, that include, but are by no means limited to, heaters, lighting and extraction fans.

However, growing within a greenhouse can be as complex as you want to make it, with all types of sophisticated watering systems and heating equipment available. Growing in greenhouses also poses benefits over growing in the great outdoors, as they manage to trap in heat and also offer a barrier of defence against prowling critters and invasive pests.


If you are looking to expand your greenhouse operation into something more than just an old school setup, you can choose from a variety of watering systems to make sure your plants get their requirements. Anything from drip irrigation to misting systems will get the job done.


Within a greenhouse, plants can be grown directly in the ground, which allows for them to really spread their roots and removes the need to constant transplanting. Alternatively, they can be grown in pots, which is a good way to ensure they have the correct amount of water and nutrient input, until they need to be repotted into a bigger home.


For those who like to grow outdoors, but happen to live in an area, that supports the prohibition of their favourite herb, along with neighbours, who don’t happen to appreciate it, greenhouses can add a certain covert element to your growing operation, removing your crop from plain sight. Shading paint can also be applied to the glass to add further concealment.


Because a greenhouse provides an artificial environment and traps heat, it means outdoor growers can start up a cannabis crop slightly earlier on in the year, knowing they will be safe from extreme weather conditions, that may harm their weed plants.

Flowering will start to take place as the summer days become shorter and the light cycle begins to change, considering you are growing a crop, that does not carry autoflowering genetics. This extension to the growing period also applies to the other side of summer, when autumnal days arrive.


Just like an indoor grow room, greenhouses have their space limits too. Whether growing in a small glass greenhouse or a huge and long poly tunnel, space needs to be planned to ensure your plants have room to catch light when they start to get big.

When planning, remember that indica plants are shorter, yet bushy, with wide and fan-like leaves, whereas sativa strains can grow to great heights and are usually more on the slender side.


If you want to artificially bring the light cycle shorter earlier on in the year to force your crop to flower, this can be done by using darkening systems to obtain the desired results.