Weed and social media: #whereyousmoke

Weed and social media: #whereyousmoke

Social media is a good place to look for marijuana related pictures. Summer brings good pictures of people enjoying their holidays high in great places.

Instagram has moved away from pictures of food and babies a long time ago, and has entered the era of selfies, advertisement and rich people showing off. But it may come as no surprise that social media today is also good place to look for weedporn, or in other words, great pictures of cannabis related things and seriously tasty looking buds.

But social media is not just a place to show of your tasty buds. It is also a place for people to show others the great life they are living during their holidays. And this is not different for weed lovers.

We stumbled upon #whereyousmoke this summer and found out that this brings up some amazing scenic pictures of people smoking weed in very nice places all over the world.

So be prepared to be jealous and check out some of the pictures of people who know what to do with their free time.

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