Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering

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Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering (Dinafem)
Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering (Dinafem)
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Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering (Dinafem)
Sativa-dominant autoflowering
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Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering: Improved Moby Dick Auto

Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering is the “XXL” version of the popular Moby Dick Auto. She is the result of cross-breeding two other excellent cannabis strains, a White Widow XXL Auto and a Haze XXL Auto, both very potent and high-yielding strains by themselves.

Because of her excellent genetics, it is almost not surprising that she turned out a very vigorous and resilient strain that basically grows by herself without the grower needing to do much. You can easily grow her indoors or outdoors, in soil or hydro although she’s particularly well responding when you grow her with a third of coco mixed in the soil.

Because of her growing vigour and the fact that she’ll eagerly want to fill out all the space she can get you should just make sure that you leave her enough room so that she can thrive.

With good indoor yields of up to 500g/m² and outdoors harvests of up to 200g per plant you certainly won't have a reason to complain at harvest time. These are impressive numbers considering that she is an autoflower. And she does all her magic in record-time because she only needs a short 80 days to grow from seed to harvest!

This sativa-dominant auto sure doesn’t carry her XXL name for nothing: If her growing traits and yields didn’t already impress, just wait until you can smoke her: She comes pretty-much close to the great taste of her feminized sister, with an aroma that is a wonderful mix of citrus fruits, wooden notes and some exotic spiciness on top. She will deliver a very powerful relaxing yet uplifting body stone, just the perfect mix of indica and sativa qualities in one awesome smoke!

Moby Dick XXL Auto makes a good strain that you can enjoy for yourself for some ultimate chilling to get rid of stress but she’s also a very good social smoke that’s just made for so you can happily share her with others!

Moby Dick XXL Auto is a great all-rounder autoflower that won’t disappoint from the moment you plant your seeds until you can roll one made from her top-quality buds! Recommended not just for the sativa lovers!

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Grow difficulty
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From seed to harvest
11-12 weeks
Yield (indoor)
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