Roadrunner 2 Autoflowering

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Roadrunner Autoflowering 2 (Dinafem)
Roadrunner Autoflowering 2 (Dinafem)
Roadrunner Autoflowering 2 (Dinafem)
Roadrunner Autoflowering 2 (Dinafem)
Roadrunner Autoflowering 2 (Dinafem)
Roadrunner Autoflowering 2 (Dinafem)
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Roadrunner Autoflowering 2 (Dinafem)
Roadrunner Autoflowering 2 (Dinafem)
Roadrunner Autoflowering 2 (Dinafem)
Indica-dominant autoflowering
Dinafem 1
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Roadrunner Autoflowering 2: Super-fast autoflowering strain

Roadrunner Autoflowering 2 is the second generation of Roadrunner, a popular very fast and easy autoflower that delights with a great indica high and a superb taste. The new variant of the Roadrunner has been further enhanced for an even better quality of her harvests.

Roadrunner 2 is a cross between a Lowryder 1 (the very first autoflowering strain), and the very dank Dinafem #1 and a Diesel Ryder. Out comes a phenomenally fast strain that goes through her entire life cycle in a short 60-65 days. This makes the Roadrunner 2 a good choice for all those impatient growers who want to grow some quality bud in the shortest possible time.

The short height of Roadrunner 2 makes her an ideal indoor plant that you can grow everywhere and also a perfect choice for stealthy grow ops where the fact she needs almost no maintenance can be a big plus! Indoors, you can look forward to yields of 30-70g per plant with outdoor harvests slightly bigger, from 40-75g per plant in good conditions. While she can grow well in many conditions, she grows best in hot and sunny climates and makes an especially good figure in a greenhouse.

Roadrunner 2, although a ridiculous fast and easy-growing plant, gives you a top smoking experience where her indica side is clearly dominating. She blends citrus aromas with oriental spiciness and sandalwood tones for a nicely aromatic and dank smoke. She measures an average amount of THC but is still potent enough to provide you a very relaxing and calming indica effect when you smoke her.

The good thing about Roadrunner 2 not being so super-potent like some other strains is that you can really enjoy her all-day-long because she won’t drag you down. This is a perfect smoke so you can chill and relax and still function during the day!

Roadrunner 2 is a superb compact autoflower that produces top bud in an amazingly short time. Whether your growing space is limited or you happen to be looking for a reliable plant for some guerrilla growing, you can’t go wrong with her!

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