The Holy Cross Joint – Not Just For Religious People

Cannabis has been around longer than humans and as we are a religious species ourselves, throughout our history some religions even used cannabis as a substance to induce spiritual experience. You might think it is a bit crazy, but now that our society is getting more and more relaxed on cannabis and the laws around it, you can even become a Cannaterian e.g. a member of The First Church of Cannabis. But even if you are not a religious person yourself, we can assure you one thing; it’s a great experience to SMOKE a Holy Cross!

The Holy Cross is a joint in the shape of an actual cross. You can find many tutorials on the web on how to roll it and many people think that Seth Rogen was the first one to roll it in the movie Pineapple Express. But this movie is from 2008 and the Holy Cross was first rolled on camera in 2007 by one of the earliest YouTube rolling sensations around; the Daily Smoker.

The Daily Smoker is a guy from Amsterdam who knows how to roll! This guy started making video’s on YouTube back in 2007 and quickly became a legend among stoners. From an “inside out” joint to the “wheel of flavour”, almost all his video’s got tons of views and where copied and spread faster than you can roll a joint. Nowadays it might not seem like a lot, but with more than 90k subscribers and over 15 million views it is safe to say that back then probably he also taught Seth Rogen how to roll joints.

We dug up the original video on YouTube so you can have a go at it and maybe become a bit more spiritual yourself.

And here's a tutorial from Seth Rogen: