How to do a 'reverse dab,' a.k.a. cold start dab

Dabbing is basically the process of heating concentrates such as Butane Hash Oil (BHO), or terp sauce on a hot surface, most commonly by using a dab rig, and inhaling them. This process is known as “taking dabs”.

But have you ever heard of “reverse dabbing” of “cold start dabs”?

Never heard of dabbing? Check this out.


Cannabis concentrates are nothing new, as hashies, which also is a concentrate, has been used for thousands of years. But with the rise of medical marijuana use, other forms of concentrates such as oil and shatter have made a quick rise and dabbing has become one of the most popular forms of concentrate use.

However, some people believe that we’ve been dabbing wrong all this time and we should should be using the “cold start” method. This basically means that you start by putting the concentrate in a cold rig, before heating it up as opposed to heating up the rig before adding the concentrate. This cold start method should protect the quality of your concentrates, as well as your nail.

They might actually be on to something, so check it out this video by Termeezy Papageorgieo, showing us how to dab using a cold start.