The top 5 cannabis seed banks of 2024

The top 5 cannabis seed banks of 2024
Luke Sholl

Want to know our top picks for seedbanks this year? These five will get your garden off to the strongest start possible.

With the start of 2024, weed growers all over the world are making preparations for another year of cannabis cultivation. Along with nutrients, lights, and other growing gear, seeds are among the most important pieces of kit needed for a successful harvest. But not all seeds are created equal. Selecting the right genetics will get you off to the best start possible. Check out the top five seed banks of 2024 below to meet the best seed suppliers out there!

The best cannabis seed companies of 2024

Let us introduce you to the top five seed banks of 2024. Learn a little about their origins, and what steps they’ve taken to rank so highly in the world of weed.

1. Royal Queen Seeds

1. royal queen seeds

  • Best for: Largest and most trusted seed bank in the world
  • Suggested strain: Orion F1

With headquarters in Spain, Royal Queen Seeds has emerged from humble beginnings in southern Europe to become the largest and most trusted seed bank in the world. Their high-quality genetics, large range of growing supplies, educational blogs, and handy accessories have gained them a huge international customer base, allowing them to expand their operations into the United States and Thailand in the form of brick-and-mortar stores and smoking lounges.

The company's popular but limited original line of genetics has exploded into a massive catalogue of diverse cultivars, including feminized, autoflowering, and regular plants. Recently, RQS became the first in the cannabis space to release true cannabis F1 hybrids—plants that result from a long breeding process involving crossing two highly pure parent strains to create plants that possess exceptional hybrid vigour. This results in specimens with a higher THC and terpene content, increased pest and disease resistance, and a level of uniformity that rivals that of clones.

1. royal queen seeds

Aside from gaining the trust and respect of grassroots growers, Royal Queen Seeds has also earned recognition from the industry itself. In late 2023, the company won Best Seed Bank of the Year at the prestigious EMJAYS awards ceremony in Las Vegas.


  • Massive selection of genetics
  • High germination rates
  • Superb customer support
  • Detailed grow guides
  • High-quality growing supplies


  • F1 hybrids are pricier than other seeds

2. Zamnesia

2. zamnesia

  • Best for: Diverse genetics
  • Suggested strain: Biscotti

The founders of Zamnesia established the seed bank back in 2012 with one vision in mind: to craft incredible strains while maintaining unparalleled reliability and customer service along the way. It only takes one glance at what Zamnesia has become to realise they have achieved this ambition, and then some. As one of the largest seed banks in Europe, the company has produced an extensive library of their own genetics and also offers the very best cultivars produced by other seed banks. Their collection provides something to match the preferences of every grower, including diverse terpene profiles, high-CBD cultivars, and small varieties perfect for clandestine operations. Their Seedfinder tool helps users easily identify strains that are right for them in several quick steps.

Much like RQS and other leading seed banks, Zamnesia has become a wellspring of important growing knowledge and pop culture reporting through its blogs and podcasts. With a focus on responsible use, Zamnesia has developed tools that make using cannabis safer and more rewarding, including their dosage calculator for edibles. The company has also branched out from their beginnings as a seed bank and supports customers in all areas of horticultural endeavours, from edible vegetables and herbs to different species of fungi.


  • Large selection of strains
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Fast and discreet shipping
  • Other horticultural supplies


  • Customer service is limited to weekdays only

3. Kannabia

3. kannabia

  • Best for: Exotic genetics
  • Suggested strain: Gelato-K

Based in Granada, Spain, Kannabia Seeds started germinating as a company back in 2009. They set out with a plan to thoroughly research the cannabis plant to enable them to innovate within the breeding sector, without abandoning traditional knowledge and practice. This approach allowed the breeders to develop a solid library of genetics using scientific and technological advances while keeping in close contact with the wider cannabis community to identify and fulfil their cultivation demands.

As a result, Kannabia quickly earned the loyalty and respect of growers from all over the world, and it now stands as one of the most successful cannabis seed banks in Europe. They’ve tailored their range of genetics to appeal to all manner of growers, from those who cultivate purely for recreational purposes to growers who raise plants for therapeutic reasons. To date, Kannabia has created 61 unique seed varieties and has distributors in 20 countries across the world.


  • Unique genetics
  • Affordable prices
  • Numerous competition wins


  • Limited strain options

4. Ripper Seeds

4. ripper seeds

  • Best for: Old school genetics
  • Suggested strain: Sour Mints

Ripper Seeds has a unique aesthetic that stands out among other seed banks in the cannabis industry. Their grungy and punk themes, complete with zombie-esque cartoons, are eye-catching indeed. After grabbing the attention of would-be growers, many remain loyal customers after experiencing the seed bank's nostalgic, old-school genetics. However, Ripper Seeds doesn’t focus solely on traits of times past. Through rigorous breeding, they’ve widened the range of flavours and aromas on offer, meaning most of their varieties provide an entirely new sensory experience.

The idea for Ripper Seeds germinated back in the early 2000s. During this time, the cannabis plant became a part of the original breeders' daily lives. Things came to fruition in 2011 when the team decided to materialise their passion into a business—Ripper Seeds was born.


  • Plenty of rare and limited-edition strains
  • Unique terpene profiles
  • Reliable germination rates and yields


  • Limited strain library compared to larger seed banks

5. Dutch Passion

5. dutch passion

  • Best for: Award-winning genetics
  • Suggested strain: Sugar Bomb Punch

Dutch Passion is a heritage seed bank with over 35 years of history in the industry. They started breeding in Amsterdam back in the 1970s and became an established company in 1987. From the very beginning, the founding members set about building their future empire based on three distinct principles. First, to create genetics good enough to allow self-sufficient growers to thrive. Second, to do everything they can to pioneer innovation within space. And finally, to provide the best level of customer service possible.

The business helped to lay down the foundations of the sector long before the dawn of widespread decriminalisation and legalization. On top of their impressive history, Dutch Passion has receipts for the quality of their work in the form of over 90 cannabis cups. Their buds show up in coffeeshops all over the Netherlands, and their seeds are sown season after season all over the world.


  • Affordable
  • Rich history
  • Discreet shipping


  • No F1 hybrids

Choose the best seeds for the best results

Make 2024 a year to remember by growing healthy plants and pulling in giant yields. You stand the best chance of achieving this goal by selecting the best genetics you can buy. The five seed banks listed above are truly giants in the industry, each with decades of experience when it comes to crafting reliable, potent, and tasty cultivars. Explore their catalogues, use their seedfinder tools, and choose the strains that appeal to you the most. Happy growing!

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