Video of how hand rolled charas is made in india

Luke Sumpter

Making charas is one of the oldest ways of making hashish. It is actually pretty easy. Watch this 2 minute video and you will be able to do it yourself.

Making charas is one of the oldest ways of making hashish. It is actually pretty easy. All you need are cannabis plants and a pair of clean hands.

Charas has been used for religious practices for as long as we know. As Lord Shiva is known as a lover of cannabis, some Hindu sects smoke charas using a chillum while chanting the names of their Lord Shiva.

Although it originates from India, especially the Parvati Valley and Kashmir, you can find it in countries like Pakistan or Nepal and if you are lucky, you might have found it in a Dutch Coffeeshop or a dispensary somewhere.

Back in the days all forms of hash were being called charas, but over time this has changed and when speaking about charas, we strictly mean the hand-rolled version.

The thing with charas though is that traditionally it is made with live plants. The best would be to use plants that are about a week or so away from harvest. By massaging and rubbing the buds between your hands and fingers, the resin will slowly ooze out and stick to your skin.

You can use fresh buds as well, but it will take a lot more rubbing. Just have a look at the short video above to see how it is done.

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Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter

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