Elon musk smokes weed (but doesn't inhale) on the joe rogan show

Joe Rogan invited Elon Musk on his podcast to talk about his work and future plans. But when Joe passed him a joint, Musk smoked it like Bill Clinton and didn't inhale. Check it out!

We have recently added Joe Rogan to our VIP list, because the guy is cool and really puts himself out there to fight for marijuana legalization. But what happens when you put this guy together with another cool guy called Elon Musk? You got it. A rocket fueled conversation about space, solar energy and the future of electric planes, mixed up with a bit of weed.

Big up for Joe Rogan for having this legend in his podcast, but it has to be said that it looks like Elon Musk is a bit of a pussy when it comes to smoking weed as he was asking Joe if it is legal when he passed him the joint, and he sure as hell didn't inhale! Shame on you Elon.