100 ways to get high with cannabis

Smoking weed from a baguette or a pizza? That is getting baked with cannabis taken to a whole new level. This lady tries out 100 ways to get high on video.

“All roads lead to Rome” or was it “I wish I had a girlfriend who would like to get high with pretty much every device you can think off”? Hhm…

I think I prefer the latter, as Rome is a pretty cool city, but I freaking love to get high with my wife!

In the video below a very nice lady shows us that there are many ways to get high. She tries to get stoned with a 100 different (some very creative) devices.

We all know about apple-bongs, pot brownies, bottle bongs and so on, but how about smoking from a strawberry, a pizza, or even a baguette?

This sure put a whole new meaning to the term “getting baked”.

Check it out!