Is it really possible to achieve such high yields as advertised with cannabis seeds?

Is it really possible to achieve such high yields as advertised with cannabis seeds?
Luke Sholl

When looking to grow a certain strain, can you really achieve the high yield that is advertised by the seed companies? Have a look at the answer from our expert grower.

Hey CannaConnection guys and gals,

When I'm looking around in your database for some new, interesting cannabis seeds, I sometimes wonder about the high figures breeders mention when it comes to indoor yields.

I am always amazed by the numbers and have seen numbers as high as 900g/m².

I understand the commercial motive behind breeders promising such a high number, but is this actually possible in real life? If I would do everything perfect and use the best genetics, what would be the maximum harvest possible when growing in a tent of 1m²?

Looking forward to your answer!



Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for writing to us. Good question!

Although the yields you have described are achievable, they would require a professional setup and close to perfect environmental conditions. And still then, it’s never easy.

In order to really obtain these results, it’s crucial to maintain a consistent grow cycle free of big errors.

What you should rather be aiming for as a home grower is quality, first and foremost—quantity comes later.

Aim for 1g/1W of energy used at first; depending on the lamp used and other factors, the yields can differ significantly. A reasonable target is about 300–400g/m² for a beginner grower, while more intermediate cultivators can aim for 550–600g/m² (with a 600W HPS lamp).

So to answer your question, yes, it is definitely possible to achieve higher yields, but this doesn’t always correlate to high-quality bud. In fact, quality can go down if you push production too much.

So don’t aim too high and try to learn during each step so that in the end, who knows, you might even reach those maximum results over time. But you will at least have quality buds on the way there.

Good luck!

Luke Sholl
Luke Sholl

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