Growing exposed: new series for growers and enthusiasts

Luke Sholl

Growing Exposed is a new YouTube series that dives deep into the legal cannabis industry. Learn more about the show and its pilot episode.

Growing Exposed is a brand-new video series that takes you inside some of the biggest and best cannabis grow rooms across the globe. It’s available to watch for free on YouTube in full HD, making for one of the best sources of weed porn on the web.

The first episode went live in June 2017 and took viewers on a first-hand tour of Clandestine Gardens, a low-key farm operated by brothers Ian and Ezra Kaplan. Based in Bellingham, Washington, the indoor operation is set-up on an old mushroom farm where Ian worked when he was just 15.

“It was a messy job,” says Ian as he reminisces about his time “mixing turds for mushrooms.” He bought the land in 2014, and together with his brother and a team of employees, has converted it into a full-on commercial garden with 12 rooms (2 for vegging, 10 for flowering).

The first episode of Growing Exposed takes you through the entire Clandestine Gardens farm and highlights the growing process that Ian and his team follow. And right from the get-go, it’s clear that this is still very much a “hands-on” kind of farm.

All of the plants are watered by hand, and all the buds are trimmed by staff and then hung up to air dry for weeks. Once it's been trimmed and dried, the product is weighed and packaged by hand before it gets sent out.

“There are guys that have got factories doing this shit. We’re like Mom and Pop, you know. I mean, we got 2 scales here and a couple of billies weighing up some grams, that’s basically what it comes down too,” Ian laughs, standing in the room where his weed is weighed up and packaged.

And while Clandestine’s approach to growing might be old-school and labor intensive, Ian’s team also gets some time to unwind. He and his crew built an outdoor skate ramp at the back of the farm, which they refer to as the “break spot” in the episode.

The episode ends with a look at Clandestine Gardens’ unique branding and packaging. Each strain is packaged with a custom-drawn label made by Brazilian artist Thiago Bianchini, who Ian hired via Instagram and has since become one of the farm’s main branding influencers.

For a more detailed tour inside the Clandestine Gardens farm, make sure to check out the full first episode of Growing Exposed. Also be sure to check out the other episodes for additional garden tours, as well as tips and tricks from some of the biggest players in the legal cannabis industry.

Luke Sholl
Luke Sholl

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