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Fruit Cup
Fruit Cup
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Fruit Cup
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Fruit Cup: Easy to Grow and Well Balanced

Fruit Cup is a hybrid cannabis creation bred on the West Coast from famous Cali genetics. She is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Purple Punch, resulting in a well-balanced, indica-dominant hybrid. Fruit Cup is very vigorous and easy to grow in different setups, and her buds produce a mouth-watering aroma and balanced effects similar to those of GSC.

Aroma, Flavour, and Effect of Fruit Cup: A Fruity Delight That Soothes Both the Body and Mind

As her name suggests, Fruit Cup has a very fruity aroma. Her thick, frosty buds combine delicious hints of fresh citrus with the soothing scent of lavender. Take another whiff, and you might even detect sweet chocolate and mint, reminiscent of her Girl Scout Cookies parent. Fruit Cup makes for a very smooth and sweet smoke, with flavours dominated by fruit overtones. Her effects kick in quickly, producing a relaxed yet happy feeling with a vigorous body stone (reminiscent of Purple Punch). When enjoyed in moderation, Fruit Cup is a great all-rounder that can be passed around at parties or enjoyed during a quiet night.

Growing Fruit Cup: A Simple Cali Strain Ideal for Beginners

Fruit Cup is effortless to grow and will deliver bountiful results with minimal care. Whether you plant her outside or indoors in a tent/room, all Fruit Cup needs to shine is a solid starting medium, clean water and some light fertilization. She isn't fussy when it comes to temperatures and climates, and her strong genetics make her fairly resilient to pests and pathogens. Fruit Cup takes roughly 9–10 weeks to flower and can produce up to 250–300g/m².

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