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Gelato 45
Smell & flavour

Bellini: Potent, Flavourful and Easy to Grow

Flavourful cannabis strains have always been popular with weed enthusiasts. They provide an added bonus to the smoking or vaping experience, especially if they leave a lasting taste in the mouth, and Bellini delivers exactly that. Breeders chose Purple Punch and Gelato 45 for their project, with both varieties known to provide a deeply relaxing feeling. The bold mix of these genetics resulted in a balanced indica/sativa hybrid with bags of flavour and good yield potential. What's more, Bellini is a pleasure in the grow room, offering a straightforward process suitable for cultivators of all experience levels.

Aromas, Flavours, and Effects of Bellini: A Long-Lasting Terpene Kick

When enjoying this strain, users immediately notice a sweet, pungent flavour on their palate. Hints of citrus and peach come together beautifully, complementing each other and making for a long-lasting, fruity experience. Bellini lends itself well to all kinds of culinary experiments, adding another dimension to baked goods and other edibles. When it comes to effects, this variety is a superb choice for the evening, allowing cannabis enthusiasts to relax and focus on the present moment. Enjoy a movie or your favourite TV show and let yourself forget about the worries of the day.

Growing Bellini: A Cultivator’s Delight

Bellini doesn't disappoint in the grow room and, in fact, it performs very well out in the elements too, where it can soak up the sun. It's the perfect variety for training and cloning, thanks to the fact that its robust genetics respond well to grower intervention. LST and other training techniques can improve Bellini's yield potential. Backyard growing in optimal conditions promises good returns, while indoor cultivation can provide up to 300g/m² after a reasonable flowering period of 9–10 weeks. Once Bellini's flowers are mature, they are a sight to behold, with their shiny, crystal-covered look.

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