3 examples of how big cannabis plants can grow outdoors

3 examples of how big cannabis plants can grow outdoors

Cannabis plants can grow into huge trees when grown outdoors. Check out these 3 examples so you won't get any surprises in your outdoor garden.

Growing your weed outdoor under the sun is one of the most satisfying and exciting things you can do. But a lot of people who start growing don't realize that cannabis plants grown outdoors can turn into huge, huge trees that can be seen from far away.

Especially when you don't use pots and put the seedlings/cuttings straight into the ground the root system can grow as big as they want. And the bigger the root system, the bigger the plant will become. Some cannabis strains are capable of growing into trees of 3+ meters in height!

So when choosing the best strain for you, it might be wise to do a little research about the size a strain may become. You won't be the first one who ends up with a plant that's too big for your garden...

The first video is from Jorge Cervantes who visits an outdoor grower in Southern Oregon. The plants are a few days away from harvest and grown with organic soil and compost. Those are some beautiful plants that make us smile!

The second video comes from the south of Holland, where a few beautiful cannabis plants 'guerilla style' were found in the forest and taken away by the police. The south of Holland is certainly not known for its incredible sunny weather, so here you can see how big a cannabis plant, when the roots have open play, also can become in the not so sunny-blessed areas.

The third video from a commercial outdoor crop is made with a drone. It shows some incredible footage of a huge garden with a serious amount of huge cannabis plants. Great work! Everybody should be able to have a garden like this...

OK, here's a fourth one... Who said autoflowering plants always stay small?