The Battle of the Strains: Which one is the best in 2021?

The Battle of the Strains: Which one is the best in 2021?
Luke Sholl

With innumerable cannabis strains on the market, it can be quite overwhelming for users to find a suitable variety. So, which strains are the most popular in 2021, and which are most suitable for new and experienced users? Read on to see which strains come out on top in a sea of at least 700 distinct cultivars.

Cannabis strains can get confusing if you don’t know what you’re up against.

There are three primary ways to categorise strains of weed: sativa, indica, and hybrid. Under those three categories fall the 700 variations of cannabis that experts predict are circulating the market right now. Most strains are now hybrids—a combination of indica and sativa strains—which offer what some hail as the perfect all-around high. Veteran smokers are always searching for the best strain—but is there one? Keep reading to discover some of the most talked-about strains in 2021. We’ll divide the options into those for beginners, those with a high THC content, and some classic, award-winning strains always worth revisiting.

Cannabis Strains for Beginners

Why are strains such a big thing? The type of strain you smoke determines the high you experience, whether that’s a full mind-body high, a head high, or a body high. Users typically want to know the THC content of a given variety, as it indicates how potent it is. For beginners, knowing the THC level is incredibly important in establishing a positive relationship with cannabis.

The most talked-about THC compounds are delta-9 and delta-8. Lately, delta-10 has been a topic of discussion as it is the “newest” variant to join the THC family. Noted for being less potent and only found in trace amounts within specific cannabis plants, it is potentially the best option for beginner cannabis users seeking a mild product. As a result, delta-10 vape cartridges and other products have hit the market.

Vape pens are far easier to smoke discreetly, and are perfect for beginner users. It is easy to control one’s intake, and there’s no pressure to roll a joint or find a specific strain of cannabis.

If you do want to try cannabis buds, however, experts consistently rank Blue Dream as one of the best. It’s a sativa-dominant strain that produces a relaxed and creative high. For beginners, just a couple tokes from Blue Dream should be enough to produce a satisfying effect.

Strains With a High THC Content

People chasing extreme highs are most interested in strains with a high THC content; more THC equals more potency! Certain cannabis plants naturally produce a higher level of THC, but is it correct for people to obsess over the amount of THC they’re getting?

Most people consume cannabis for the high, but some believe the other properties need to be respected. Let’s put it into context. Cookies x Gelato is a famous and favoured hybrid strain. Known for having a high THC content of 28%, people love the strain for the full-body high it produces. However, the strain also promotes soothing relaxation and reduces tension. Still, some people are more interested in the blazing cerebral high it invokes.

Another potent strain is Royal Gorilla. An accidental marriage between Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel birthed Royal Gorilla, a variety that comes with a Kong-sized punch. It’s another hybrid strain that’s a firm favourite among veteran stoners who may find it hard to get high. Why? Some phenotypes have a potency of over 30%, allowing users to feel high on the first toke.

Classic Strains

It would be wrong to forget to pay homage to the groundbreaking strains from which many modern cultivars derive. Super Silver Haze has to be one of the most widely recognised pioneering strains. Deriving from seeds produced by Green House Seeds, an OG cannabis company from Amsterdam, Super Silver Haze is a sativa strain that won awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup from 1997–1999. Made using a combination of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, the high is energetic and long-lasting.

The most popular strains on the market currently are sativas or hybrids, as it is easier to function normally after smoking them. Indicas are still hugely popular, but they produce a body high that people associate with being sleepy and unmotivated, so they’re not always the favoured option.

Modern-day cannabis is far different from what it once was. There are strains for when you’re happy, sad, hungry, not hungry, sleepy, not sleepy—there’s literally a strain for everything. Is one type of strain better than the others? If the judgment has to be made, hybrid strains are preferable for an all-around high, sativa strains are the best for energetic highs, and indica strains are the best for body highs that induce relaxation and sleep.

Luke Sholl
Luke Sholl

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