Top 10 chocolate cannabis strains

Top 10 chocolate cannabis strains
Miguel Antonio Ordoñez

Ever imagine weed that tastes like your favourite chocolate bar? Your dream is a reality—there are many cannabis strains with a delicious chocolate aroma. Check out our top 10 list of chocolate cannabis strains to read all about the different varieties, and you will be whisked away to Willy Wonka's factory once the high sets in!

If you love chocolate as much as you love weed, we have great news for you: There are many strains with a cacao-like aroma or taste. Some have subtle cacao undertones, while others straight-up smell just like your favourite chocolate bar!

Originally from southern Mexico and other parts of Latin America, cacao was brought to Europe in the 16th century. An instant favourite, cacao-derived chocolate products have been popular ever since. Considered an aphrodisiac, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t love the taste of chocolate at all.


Discover the top 10 chocolate cannabis strains below to get a taste of what these delightful cultivars have to offer.


Genetics: Sativa-dominant (80%)
Parents: White Choco, Mexican Haze
THC: 20%
CBD: 0.3%

The clear and uplifting high induced by White Choco Haze is known to positively influence concentration and energy level. A rather fantastic smoke when engaging in creative activities, it’s also a great choice for physical activities. Made up of parent strains White Choco and Mexican Haze, this strain is fiercely sativa-dominant at 80%, and features a fruity melon undertone to balance out its chocolatey flavour.

As a photoperiod strain of medium growing difficulty, White Choco Haze is more suited to those with a bit of space. Grown inside, it can reach heights of approximately 120–150cm, producing up to 600g/m². Outdoor plants, however, reach up to 3m high, with yields of 600g/plant.


Genetics: Sativa-dominant (90%)
Parents: Chocolope
THC: 19%
CBD: Medium

Choco Bud is a super sweet strain that really allows chocolate lovers to indulge. To enjoy the strong cacao aroma to the fullest, we recommend using a vaporizer. This intensifies the divine caramel undertones too. The genetics of Choco Bud are almost entirely sativa, making for a long-lasting and euphoric high that swiftly sets in and brings waves of cerebral energy to the fore. This is the ultimate daytime smoke. Moreover, medium levels of CBD make this a sought-after strain for those who want to ease the body into a balanced state.

Choco Bud plants are easy to grow, especially when cultivated outdoors, where they can reach impressive heights of 2.2m. This option yields 900g/plant, while indoor plants produce approximately 450g/m². It’s quite a challenge to control the growth of such big plants indoors though, as is known of sativas.


Genetics: Indica-dominant (80%)
Parents: Caramelo, UK Cheese
THC: 22–23%
CBD: Unknown

Delicious Candy was created by hybridising Caramelo with a strain that has quite a colourful backstory. Squatters residing in the hills north-west of London allegedly cultivated a sharp Cheese strain derived from Kush and Skunk varieties. Thus, Delicious Candy turned out to have an unusual mix of flavours. Smokers mostly identify strong aromas of cheese, caramel, and licorice while experiencing narcotic and euphoric effects. In addition, the relaxing high brings out some giggly moments, too.

As one might expect from such a zesty strain, Delicious Candy has a very pungent smell. Take this into consideration if you are interested in keeping your operations clandestine. Indoor growth can yield as much as 500g/m², versus 800–1000g/plant when grown outdoors.


Genetics: Sativa-dominant (95%)
Parents: Cannalope Haze, OG Chocolate Thai
THC: High
CBD: Unknown

If you have a sweet tooth, brace yourself for this one. This multiple-award-winning strain is absolutely delightful in taste, not to mention potency! A hybrid between OG Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, its genetics are almost pure sativa. The very energetic and cerebral high is known to cause the munchies. This might also have something to do with the deliciously sweet chocolate aroma. Chocolope won first place awards in 2008, 2010, and 2011 for its illustrious flavour. You know you want to try it!

Make sure you have tremendous space if you want to grow Chocolope indoors. Just like most sativa strains, it can grow unbelievably large and tall. If indoor crops can yield as much as 600g/m², imagine the possibilities when growing outdoors.


Genetics: Indica-dominant (80%)
Parents: Granddaddy Purp, Emerald OG Kush
THC: 22–26%
CBD: Unknown

This indica hybrid flaunts an acidic mint chocolate aroma that’s to die for. Parent strains Granddaddy Purple and Emerald OG Kush were used to produce the fresh blend of pine, chocolate, and mint flavours. Its effects are strong, causing total relaxation while simultaneously delivering a nice body buzz. The cerebral high might also make you quite talkative.

The leaves and buds of Chocolate Mint OG appear in vivid hues of purple and blue, giving plants a colourful appearance. Classified as moderately difficult to grow, very experienced growers can yield up to 1kg from an outdoor plant. Approximately 600g/m² can be expected when growing indoors.

5. chocolate mint og


Genetics: Indica-dominant (70%)
Parents: Pinot Noir, Space Queen
THC: Medium
CBD: Unknown

By hybridising Pinot Noir with Space Queen, a strain with eclectic flavour was born. Although hailing from northern California, it was given the French name Cuvée. Roughly translated as “something that has been specially blended for delicious purposes”, there are many savoury undertones to the earthy flavour of Cuvée. Notes of chocolate and cherry are prevalent in a rich aroma that is both sweet and earthy. Medium levels of THC will leave you feeling calm and content.

It’s important to note differences between three phenotypes when growing Cuvée, with different variants having either a strong cherry or mostly chocolate flavour. Cuvée is easy to cultivate, only growing tall outdoors. Indoors, plants remain fairly short but still yield a considerable amount.


Genetics: Sativa-dominant (80%)
Parents: Chocolope, Cheese
THC: Medium
CBD: Unknown

This sativa-dominant strain is also featured on our list of the top 10 uplifting and energetic strains. But besides the strong euphoria and cerebral buzz induced by Chocolate Fondue, the sweet chocolate aroma is utterly delightful, too. The family tree reveals how the mixture of subtle undertones was conceived—with Chocolope and Cheese as its parents. Perfect for daytime smoking, the pleasant high won’t prevent you from being active, instead giving you a little kick.

Chocolate Fondue is not the easiest strain to grow, but can yield 500–600g/m² indoors when grown under optimal care. Keep in mind that this plant naturally grows very tall and wide, needing sufficient space to flourish.


Genetics: Sativa-dominant (90%)
Parents: OG Chocolate Thai, Cannalope Haze
THC: 20%
CBD: Low

What do you get when you cross fantastic strains like OG Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze? A chocolate explosion, of course! For those familiar with the distinct flavour of Haze, this chocolate version with a tropical undertone will definitely appeal. Choco Haze is almost pure sativa, with potency levels urging unseasoned smokers to take it a little easy. Its euphoric and energy-boosting effect will have your creativity running wild—perfect for when you need inspiration or motivation to finish projects. However, it’s also ideal for social get-togethers. Sharing a blunt of Choco Haze will make everybody the life of the party.

As we know, sativa strains are not the easiest plants for impatient growers, and this one is no exception. Taking 8–10 weeks to flower, the tall plants will yield up to 600g/m² indoors.


Genetics: Sativa-dominant
Parents: Choco Haze, OG Chocolate Thai
THC: 21%
CBD: Unknown

Choco Candy gives you the opportunity to get your sugar rush without binging on actual candy. Consider it a great alternative to feasting on your favourite chocolate bars. Even before smoking, the rich aroma will really pull you in. This Choco Haze and OG Chocolate Thai hybrid was created for those who love sweet chocolate aromas and a firm, uplifting high. The almost tingly cerebral effects from this sativa-dominant strain are thanks to a high THC level.

Growing Choco Candy is not particularly difficult, but it’s not an ideal plant for first-timers either. Unlike many other sativa-dominant strains, these plants don’t reach massive heights. Yielding around 400–450g/m² indoors, outdoor cultivation doesn’t yield that much more. That said, the sweet cacao smell will definitely get you hooked!


Genetics: Indica / sativa (50/50%)
Parents: White Russian, Chocolope
THC: 19%
CBD: 0.5%

Finishing off this top 10 list, the spicy chocolate aroma of White Choco has an outstanding zing to it. Derived from excellent strains that you ought to try too—White Russian and Chocolope—this perfect 50/50 balance between indica and sativa induces pleasant effects in various doses. Smaller doses inspire a nice cerebral buzz, while higher doses bring on a strong euphoria perfect for stimulating creative processes.

The lineage of White Choco is impressive, with strong genetics producing potent plants. Cultivating them is not all that easy, though. Indoor plants yield up to 600g/m², while a single outdoor plant yields as much as 500g.

Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
Miguel Antonio Ordoñez

Miguel Ordoñez is a long-time writer by trade. Utilizing his AB Mass Media and Communications degree, he has 13 years of experience and counting. He’s covered a wide array of topics, with passion lying in combat sports, mental health, and of course, cannabis.