Zamnesia launches “zamnesia 2. 0” - huge discounts!

Zamnesia launches “zamnesia 2. 0” - huge discounts!
You should take advantage of this :)
Luke Sholl

To celebrate the launch, Zamnesia is offering six consecutive days of discounts across all of its web shop subcategories: cannabis seeds, headshop, vaporizers, CBD products, smartshop and the shroomshop.

New website from Zamnesia triggers a period of exclusive discounts

Online smart shop Zamnesia celebrates its revamped website with a period of never before seen discounts. Europe’s leading e-commerce site for all things cannabis and psychedelic is launching a new and improved website design that promises to implement several usability upgrades for desktop and mobile users. This is Zamnesia’s first significant website overhaul, since the current design was implemented in 2012.

To celebrate the launch, Zamnesia is offering six consecutive days of discounts across all of its web shop subcategories.


If you have never heard of Zamnesia before, In operation since 2002, Zamnesia is an e-commerce site that specialises in cannabis seeds and cannabis' related goods. You can find a comprehensive selection of 3000+ products, across six major categories:

  • Cannabis seeds
  • Headshop
  • Vaporshop
  • CBDshop
  • Smartshop
  • Shroomshop

The product ranges are vast, and each subcategory is likely to have something that will be of interest.

Feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds can be found in the Seedshop, while vaporizers and their associated accessories can be located in the Vaporshop. For those that have an interest in wellness, the CBDshop has a range of high-quality CBD oils and supplements. Alongside the expansive shop categories, Zamnesia offers a vast collection of digital content. This includes growing guides, how-to videos, professionally written articles and more.


Zamnesia’s exclusive period of discounts will apply to each shop subcategory, one at a time. Starting on the day their new website launches—14th of April—each shop subsection will offer all products at a 20% off. The event begins with the Seedshop, before changing each day to another category.

With several of the website’s features experiencing an upgrade, and usability being improved for desktop and mobile, navigating and shopping on Zamnesia’s website is going to get a whole lot easier. Add in the improved organisation of their digital content alongside the exclusive period of discounts, and smart industry enthusiasts are bound to find a reason to visit the site.

Luke Sholl
Luke Sholl

Fascinated by the wellness potential of nature, Luke has spent over a decade writing about cannabis and its vast selection of cannabinoids. Creating, researching and writing content for Cannaconnection, alongside several other industry-related publications, he uses strong technical SEO skills and diligent research to bring evidence-based material to thousands of unique visitors.