Hydrogen peroxide burned my hand. What to do?

Hydrogen peroxide burned my hand. What to do?
Luke Sholl

Working in the garden with different pesticides and other products can be tricky and even dangerous. Find out how to deal with Hydrogen Peroxide and why you should wear gloves.

Hello guys,

I was mixing the Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) when the bottle cap slipped and I spilled some on my hand. In a couple minutes I felt slight pinching sensation in my fingers and realized they were turning white. After a couple of hours the color disappeared but I got a bit worried for a moment. 

Is this dangerous? Should I get worried?



Hi Dima!

Good question, as believe it or not, this has happened to the best of us.

First of all we would recommend you to always wear gloves while mixing substances for gardening purposes. Some products we use in the garden can be pretty nasty, and if this would have been was some strong pesticide or acidic product, you might have burned your hands badly and even poisoned yourself. 

What happened in your case is that luckily it was Hydrogen Peroxide that penetrated your skin. This is what can happen if it gets in direct contact with the skin.

Your skin might have multiple little cuts and openings while working with the plants. It might look a bit odd at first and of course you will get worried if you’ve never experienced this before, but it goes away and does not harm you long term in any way.

We recommend you to avoid spills in the future and to wear gloves at all times, even if it feels uncomfortable sometimes. You will get used the them in time and just remember that it is better to be safe than sorry!


Team CannaConnection

Luke Sholl
Luke Sholl

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