Leaves pointing up. Is this a good sign?

Leaves pointing up. Is this a good sign?

The leaves of your cannabis plants can tell you exactly how they are doing. So what does it mean when they are pointing up? We asked our expert growers.

Hello everybody,

Im currently in the last days before starting to flush the soil. After reading a lot about plant feeding, I decided to change my feeding schedule a few days ago by adding one more product. After about 5 days in the plants look like that, is it ok? (see photo)



Hi Andy,

The plants seem to really love it! Whatever you did, keep it up! Of course it applies to this specific situation and conditions of plants you had, but it seems you really nailed this one.

This is actually how plants look when they are reaching upwards in order to receive more light due to their intensive metabolism and it is definitely a good sign.

Keep on going in this direction and remember to cut the nutrients some days before the harvest for assured incredible taste.

Let us know how she turns out!


Team CannaConnection